The Sunday Selector: December 23rd, 2007

“Frosty the Snowman”—Leon Redbone & Dr. John (from my favorite Christmas album of all-time, Christmas Island)

  • THE MOM AND POP CULTURE SHOP: My old pal Anna, who I haven’t seen in ages, is running a great lil’ blog that spotlights her thrift store finds (outsider art, weird vinyl, etc.).  It’s a fun place to visit, her blurbs are a hoot, and it shoehorns nicely into the holidays.
  • MATT BURLINGAME: Burlingame’s oddball sculptures and dioramas don’t shoehorn quite as nicely into the holidays (unless Christmas makes you think about zombies and robots), but if any of you would like to buy me some of his artwork I’d consider it to be THE.BEST.XMAS.PRESENT.EVER.
  • BUZZWORDS OF 2007The New York Times says, “You didn’t hear them here first. But chances are that in 2007 you caught these phrases somewhere.”  Ummm, actually, no, I hadn’t heard about a lot of these.  I would have thought “Nose bidet” was a really bad band name.
  • IT’S THE MANDATE, STUPID: The New Republic‘s Noam Scheiber posted a good analysis of why Barack’s been creeping up on Hillary

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