The Sunday Selector: February 10th, 2008

Monks—“Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice” (live—1965)

  • NEXT UP FOR THE DEMOCRATS: CIVIL WAR: The NY Times’ Frank Rich takes the Clinton Machine to task over their “thick deck of race cards.”
  • TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN: The eagerly-awaited (in my house, at least) world premiere of the documentary To My Great Chagrin: The Unbelievable Story of Brother Theodore comes to MOMA this Wednesday, February 13th (also playing on March 1st). He was a complex, brilliant and vastly underrated performance artist and you can view some of his pitch-perfect and hysterical ravings in a video compilation we posted here back in September.
  • OBAMA MESSIAH COMPLEX? OR INTENTIONAL IGNORANCE?: Thudfactor takes on the increasingly irrational Hillshill Larry Johnson and he drops to the ground with a loud “thud.”
  • FUERZABRUTA: Friday I took my lovely wife Chris to see Fuerzabruta, the new spectacle from the creators of De La Guarda, for her birthday at the Daryl Roth Theatre and was totally blown away by it.  I enjoyed De La Guarda, but thought it was a little over-hyped and found myself wishing it would come to an end about 45-minutes into it.  Fuerzabruta, on the other hand, I never wanted to end, noticing at several points during the performance that my face was smeared with a thoroughly ridiculous shit-eating grin that only a child can accommodate without feeling like a complete tool. As an added bonus, I was selected by one of the Fuerzabruta “dancers” to join her on a metal platform and dance in front of hundreds of people before having an oversized, exploding paper cinderblock dropped on our heads. According to Chris the crowd was cheering me on (I inserted several of my death-defying robot maneuvers into my routine) and afterwards the dancer came over and gave me a big thumbs up when she found me back in the crowd. If you’re a New Yorker, I highly recommend checking this show out.  If the $72 price tag is too steep for you, they sell $25 rush tix at the box office two hours before each performance.

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Larry Johnson’s worst offense is self-censorship.

Here’s the url to the post. nt-fucking-neo/

Apparently LJ thought it was okay to be a windbag, but not okay to write fuck.

Why don’t the Monks get more credit?  Thanks for the vid.

Bonnach.  Exactly. Fortunately, they’re getting a little more exposure of late, but it’s still amazing how little credit they get for laying the groundwork for so much amazing, risky music that followed in their footsteps.

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