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Hopefully the mouseovers are intact.

Posted by Hunger Tallest Palin on 08/28/10 at 02:39 PM • Permalink

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The money shot for me was MSNBC interviewing a woman at the rally that said “for the past year and a half I have felt the government doesn’t represent our people.”

That poor horse. Now I understand how the Houyhnhnms felt.

I feel bad for them. Tea partying is no fun without the hate signs and the Liberal-bashing. I think a lot of these folks thought Beck, Palin and Jesus were going to take them up in a UFO today…but all they got was an awards ceremony, a lecture on Truth and a couple of gospel songs.

Great work, HTP!

The right to Freedom of Beckspression will not be denied, as long as Wee the PeePull can put it on PayPal!

The White House Gardens are lucky that Beck managed to get enough Porta-Johns after all. If only the Constitution were that fortunate.

Thanks for heading down there and getting some photos, HTP.  Great job!

You should have interviewed the horse - s/he was clearly not otherwise occupied at the moment, and it’s the most thoughtful discussion that would have been possible among that bunch.

Have you seen this?

Sad, really. Beck told them to leave their signs at home so that the rest of us wouldn’t have the chance to snark on their racism and horrible spelling.  So they wore their racist, horribly-spelled T-shirts instead.

Comment by MaryRC on 08/28/10 at 06:47 PM

You missed one, HTP!

Comment by meepmeep09 on 08/28/10 at 06:48 PM


I think that’s called a Jinx!

Have you seen this?

That’s the guy in the red shirt. I actually recognized him from a photo posted on Wonkette a few months ago.

The fact that no one has beaten the shit out of him makes me proud to be a D.C. native.

That’s the guy in the red shirt.

Well, I’ll be.  Yes, I recognize the red fanny pack.  He’s wearing the red shirt under the black one in the Gawker photo.

So on the red shirt he calls Obama a racist bigot and on the black shirt, he’s the racist bigot.

So you didn’t miss him after all.  I humbly withdraw my previous comment.

By the way, has anyone ever been to Mauitania?  I’ve been to Oahuvania, but I hear it has a different “vibe”, despite its relative proximity to the former.

I’ve been to Kauitopia - not as many tourists.

Rumor has it Tony LaRusso and Albet Pujols were at the rally.  Any truth?

hunh!  I can spell “Pujols” but not “Albert.”

Via a Canadian paper, here’s an AP short on the participation by LaRusso and Pujols.  They express confusion regarding all the fuss directed their way from Beck critics, but no regrets about participating.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 08/28/10 at 10:12 PM

LaRusso La Russa

heh.  La Russa and Pujols are full of crap.  Sorry, Beck et al are full of politics not “political overtones.”  So I guess getting an award in front of bigots, racists, liars and haters is okay if it’s for a good cause.

Never cared for LaRussa; don’t care for Albert now.

addendum: enough “Praise Jesus” chants will cleanse them I’m sure.

The “evangelical rally” comment has me thinking a bit.  I’ve got a few of those in my family, and as a group they think Mormons (like Beck) belong to a cult; a roman catholic friend thinks this as well, but evangelicals are a whole lot more fervent about it. 

I recently read a diary at Salon from a woman raising an early teen niece, and the niece is still quite Mormon.  The niece asked to go to a ward meeting of some kind, and it turned out to be a lecture re: Mormon faith and the obligation to spread it via video by none other than Glen Beck. 

I’m not an anti-religious bigot, just mildly amused at what DHR calls “our abiding respect for Bronze age superstition”, but the fact that Beck’s ever expanding ego has him doing mission-humping vids for his church makes me wonder when he’s going to jump the shark with the fundys.  Hell, most of them probably don’t know about the very observant Mormonism of their great and mighty leader.  That could become a sticking point some time soon…

The “Restoring Honor” logo on the white t-shirt is apparently supposed to look like the logos that the National Park Service uses for their sites.  It’s the same font and the same proportions.

I’ve got a few of those in my family, and as a group they think Mormons (like Beck) belong to a cult; a roman catholic friend thinks this as well, but evangelicals are a whole lot more fervent about it. 

Evangelicals think Roman Catholics are heretics who should be burned alive—a fact that is constantly lost on my more-staunchly Catholic relatives who find common cause with the fundies on fag-bashing and fetus fetishism - AS ORDAINED BY OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! (But that whole “love one another as I have loved you” line was apparently just an off-the-cuff and can be ignored.)

Yep, excellent eye.

The other t-shirt they went for a lot (besides commie yellow and pinko pink Don’t Tread on Me Ts) was a Bootleg Fairey-style triptych of Jefferson (I think) Washington & Franklin (I guess).

‘Cos, you know. Why waste valuable ReaLAMErican time on coming up with original designs for your merch? There’s stuff to be angry about, you betcha!

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