The World’s Worst Beastie Boys Live Review

Really shitty cell phone picture of the Beastie Boys' heads
Really shitty cell phone picture of the Beastie Boys’ heads

Went to see them last night at Terminal 5.  Not a bad venue, but the sound sucked. MCA wasn’t into it.  The tops of all of their heads looked great. The girl next to me said they “looked old.” She was what we refer to in the business as “an asshole.”  “Lighten Up” was cool because Mr. Fuzzy Head, who may or may not have been this guy, played the woo-woo machine. Some NJ fuck knuckle with raging neck fat really got into the encore (“Sabotage”). Guys were selling balloons of nitrous oxide (3 for $20) on the street after the show, something I’ve never seen in NYC before (after 17 years here, I don’t say that often).  On the subway ride home, I found out my wife Chris knows nearly all of the (discernible) lyrics to “B-Boy Bouillabaisse” (yet another reason I love her). We went to a really disgusting neighborhood diner because we hadn’t eaten dinner.  Afterwards I had “bad breath onion rings” (I didn’t realize the irony until this morning). The end.

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