The Young Cons are back!!!  New “Power of the Individual” music video!

Ha ha, this hip hop horror is even worse than Stiltz & Serious C’s last one and, as an added bonus, they’ve added a midget breakdancer to their “crew.” I hope they never stop making music.

NOTE: I’m going to make this post sticky for the day because The Young Cons keep deleting/reuploading the video and I think it’s vitally important that more people see this video than the one starring Anthony Weiner, primarily because Weiner’s video contains no breakdancing.

Posted by Kevin K. on 07/31/09 at 11:47 AM • Permalink

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No fuckin’ way this ain’t a parody.

No fuckin’ way this ain’t a parody.


I can’t believe that stunted fuck has the gall to wear a Phillies cap. Douche.

Jesus fucking Christ murdering puppies in Michael Vick’s backyard. That shit is so fucking bad it makes this blog seem like a depository for meta-narratives on Seneca, Aristotle and Plato.

I fucking hate you Kevin, no, I mean it, I hate you with a burning passion that will darken a thousand sunny days and cover the earth in ashes from the torching of your soul.

Stop. And not because it’s Hammertime. Just stop.

There are three of you. You’re hardly individual.

Wowie wow wow that was brutal.  It’s pretty much in league with anything involving Christian Rock and/or Rap.

When sock puppets for the establishment try to look hip, it’s pretty much the unhippest thing in the world.

The dancing midget is there to distract you from the nauseatingly insipid lyrics.

Somewhere , Vanilla Ice is weeping…

Kevin! Do not put a post about these douchenozzles next to one about the Rolling Stones. Now here’s a canvas needle and some thread. Go sew up the hole you tore in the space time continuum. Thank you.

Seriously, why do the neos suck at ... everything? Are they afraid to display talent and creativity because those traits are associated with elitist ghey lieberalism, or have they driven out anyone with these traits because they’re the mark of the elitist ghey liberal?

Lord, every time those wads move George Balanchine must pirouette in his grave.

Could that poor little rent-a-breakdancer have tried to disguise himself more? Though he shouldn’t be ashamed; he’s hardly the first little boy to be rented by Republicans.

Why are the deleting and re-uploading the video?  Don’t they want people to watch it?

If they are doing it because they don’t want people posting it, perhaps someone should tell them that Youtube has a feature which allows disabling of embedding?

These Dartmouth douches get the “Persons Most in Need of a Cockpunch” award. If I see them in Hanover, I will deliver it in person!

I liked these guys a lot better before the third member of the crew quit.

Comment by Steve M. on 08/03/09 at 01:55 PM
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