There Goes The Neighborhood!


Okay, Reince, now we’re talking!  Looks like the RNC is getting its ground game going and bringing it to a neighborhood near you.

The Republican National Committee announced its “14 in ‘14” program in Charleston on Monday, calling for GOP female volunteers in the 14 weeks before the November midterm elections. The volunteers will recruit other women who are 21 to 40 years old to vote Republican and become involved in election season.

Republicans are asking the women to spend 30 minutes a week on election season outreach.

RNC Co-Chair, Sharon Day, unveiled the program Monday targetting purple-ish counties in West Virginia, Florida, Montana, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania with large numbers of independent and female swing voters.

According to Ms. Day:

You can see time and time again, it was no surprise that we didn’t win the Hispanic vote, we didn’t win the African American, Asian, women because we didn’t engage.

Bless their hearts . . . if only they had engaged?  Who could have known?

And then what? volunteers are going to describe the GOP’s brand-new totally pro-woman policy platform?  Better let the folks at the American Legislative Executive Council know—their hopper is still full of a list of horribles designed to make women and children’s lives a living hell.

The RNC is just about due for a winner, I guess, seeing as how their other attempts at female voter outreach have been, well, embarrassing flops.  First was the Growth and Opportunity Project which promised to “develop a forward-leaning vision for voting Republican that appeals to women.”  That ain’t happenin’.

Next was a little something they called Project GROW, Growing Republican Opportunities for Women, a post-2012 program to recruit Republican women to run for Congress in 2014 which, despite a lot of fanfare, appears to have somehow effected a record-breaking low - a grand total of 13 - Republican female candidates for 2014.

Programs like GROW are doomed to fail in today’s GOP political climate.  Women are intrinsically moderate and bipartisan and the Republican political machine is iconoclastic and results oriented.  The party might make a big show of encouraging women to participate but, unless they’re well-connected to the prevailing power structure, they shouldn’t count on any financial or moral support.

A hard truth is that President Obama won the female vote decisively in 2012.  Recent polls suggest that nothing much has changed there.  A CNN/ORC survey in February, 2014 confirmed what most of us already know— that 59 percent of women say the GOP does not understand them.

Not to mention the fact that, every day, women are treated to the spectacle of Republican politicians voting unanimously against their interests. has published a list of the Top Ten GOP legislative attacks on women.  I dare anyone to read through that list and tell me that the War on Women doesn’t exist.  I’m looking right at you Marsha Wedgeworth Blackburn.

So, no, I don’t expect this latest idea to work, for so many reasons.  First of all, what’s with the 21-40 year-old age cap?  Is that an optics thing?  Do they figure that perky young conservatives will “engage” better?  Or do they know they’ll be deploying an ageist, sexist anti-Hillary campaign in the near future that might cancel out some of this groundwork? 

And, speaking of optics . . . in one article describing the RNC’s new outreach ideas, this was mentioned:

They are encouraging candidates to include their wives and daughters in campaign ads, have women at their events and build a Facebook-like internal database of women willing to campaign on their behalf.

Isn’t this the same GOP that was shrieking, just last week, about Democrats “politicizing” women?”

Another reason this probably won’t work is that conservative women are just so darn BUSY!  remember that?


If you’re a 21-40 year old flower of conservative womanhood are you seriously going to take time out from the full-time job of pleasing your man, homemaking and home-schooling to go door-to-door and try to talk to some Libtard feminista about core conservative values that they’re too brainwashed to get?  I don’t think so.

Maybe Almost-President Romney will be willing to sell Reince his Binders Full Of Women???

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Maybe Almost-President Romney will be willing to sell Reince his Binders Full Of Women???

Oh, sure! Stick that little jape all the way at the end of the post. I had hopes I would claim that one for myself and you dashed them.


@Quake so sorry!

buuuuuut. . .

I’ll speak to it though Hell itself should gape
And bid me hold my peace.

I’m shocked that they aren’t just trying to make women’s votes count as only 70% of a man’s vote.

Well, 70% is greater than 3/5, so I guess we’d have to count that as progress!

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