There Isn’t a Penalty for Guys Like Steve King

You know, I am not surprised that Iowa Rep. Steve King is hanging in regarding the jackass comments he made regarding drug mule immigrants with calves like cantaloupes from schlepping as much as 75 lbs of reefer (on foot!) across the desert. This is who he is. This is what he says all the time. He’s been a US Representative since 2003 with these very views. He’s been a birther. He gets on tv. John Boehner can comment on King’s actions, but you know what? He doesn’t penalize him by taking away his position on any committees. He doesn’t call for a censure.

And Steve King isn’t alone. Take Louie Gohmert. He recently went out of his way to compare the civil rights of minorities to that of “snail darters” and other assorted wildlife. This is a guy who rambled on about “terror babies”   He’s been a US Representative since 2005. He says crazy shit all the time. Doesn’t hurt him any.  If anything, he grows stronger in the Derp side of the Force every day.

People can talk about there being lines you can’t cross in our political discourse, and maybe to an extent, they might try and classify racism as being a certain line—but that line isn’t in the same place in every region of the country. And these guys kind of show that even if there is a line you don’t cross—as such, it can be politically profitable (to them, anyway) to come up to that line, sometimes, and just kick the bejesus out of it.

And I tend to believe that the kind of person who would return a Steve King or a Louie Gohmert to Congress for term after term? Probably is not susceptible to shame over their shenanigans either. I have wondered if these folks are like villagers who just send their idiot to Washington so that they can have a vacation from him, but no. I think they are more like people who have mistakenly become pursuaded that political contests are not about establishing who is a more competent office-holder, but a bid for who might be a more attention-getting mascot.

This is sad, and I am not sure what the corrective would be.

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I’m just trying to wrap my head around the volume taken up by 75 pounds of weed… they’d have to vacuum pack it.

they’d have to vacuum pack it.

Which also keeps the product fresh!  Although as with food, I endorse supporting local farmers where possible.

King bagged 4 Pinocchios on his little “cantaloupes” speech.  Totally busted.


“I got a call from them [border control agents] yesterday, and I said, ‘Did I need to come back down and refresh myself?’ They said, ‘No, you’re spot on with what you’re saying but maybe you got the weight ten pounds up.’”

—King, interview on Fox News, July 27

Asshat . . .

These guys only exist because of the media oxygen given to them by Neocon Pravda, courtesy of creepy uncle Rupert.  If the magic Invisible Hand actually worked with regard to hate media, they wouldn’t have an audience and our supposed liberal media would expose this shit for the crazy that it is.  Walter Cronkite was maybe lucky to have died before it got this bad, but unless my memories have dissolved into wispy water colors I don’t recall them being able to get away with this crap when we had a real, Fairness Act media instead of the multihued joke we have now. 

If I had a lawn, I’d tell someone to get off it right about now.

B4, Balloon Juice (I think) had a photo of what 75 lbs of weed looked like from a recent highway patrol bust.  Even if it was vacuum-packed, or was “10 pounds” less than 75, it is a bulk beyond what a track and field pro could easily maneuver with.  Steve’s still telling lies (shocking, I know).

There’s one thing you have to remember about Reps - some of these people serve in really, really safe districts. Look up Gohmert’s electoral history sometime - for two of his five races, the Texas Dems didn’t even bother running an opposition candidate. Hell, his closest election was the first one - as we’ve learned more and more about how divorced he is from reality, his constituents have voted for him with greater eagerness.

You wanna talk about King’s background, or was that sad enough?

In some ways, this has always been a problem for the USA—we’ve elected some kooky, evil reps.  (Like Fernando Wood, the former mayor of New York City who tried to have it secede at the start of the Civil War…) The thing is there’s more media now, which gives them more exposure, and more chances to bloviate in public.

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