Oh look—there’s a “there” there


The stars of the hit teevee reality show Bristle Bay Shore—Snowflake Snooki and her husband, The Snowmachine Situation—would like to sweep this burgeoning feud with erstwhile protégé Joe Miller under the rug. Their supporting cast is frantically trying to make it go away.

But the walk-back Mr. Palin issued in Bill Kristol’s pixelated rag merely confirms that Palin indeed authored the incredibly petty original email informing Miller that he was Facebook-dead to the Palins:


Regardless of the walk-back, it sounds like Miller still considers the Palins totally unfriended even if they’re willing to let bygones be bygones. Check out how he tap-danced around the qualification question last night, finally admitting that, yeah, Palin is over 35 and an American citizen unlike the Kenyan Usurper, so she’s “technically” qualified to be president. As far as he knows.

The moral of the story? When brought to bay by a boor, a rare bearded arctic weasel may rise up to bite regardless of whose “shoe’s” he’s wearing. Oh, and these people are so hilariously unprepared for prime time.

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This is exactly what went wrong with Ted Healy and His Stooges.

The comments of her followers are hilarious

We are going to fight like hell for her. She is worth it. How do I know? You don’t see this kind of persecution of Romney, Gingrich, or any other possible Presidential candidate. They are terrified of her. The level of their terror of her can only be equaled by my level of love for her. She has both my treasure and sword at her disposal.

I don’t think she cares about your sword deary, but your treasure she will take in a heartbeat.

@ Litlebritdifrnt—by that standard, Osama bin Laden must be the most awesome-est dood evar! Why, the Obama-controlled military will light up an entire Afghan wedding party just to singe one of Osama’s Facebook friends!

LOL about the Palinbot’s “sword”—I figured he was just happy to see her!

She has both my treasure and sword at her disposal.

What kind of crackpots write this way? Even education is no cure for these folks. FEMA concentration camps seems the best solution.

What kind of crackpots write this way?

The Silver Surfer, the Mighty Thor and Sir Francis Drake, but only when he was in his cups.

The sword and treasure will be right over—as soon as the Internet Warriors for Palin can get their Hovarounds up and running. They’re not great cold-weather starters, you know.

The sword and treasure will be right over

Hold the sword, just send treasure.

Don’t be hasty. You can probably get some money for the sword at a flea market.


She doesn’t save any time or keystrokes writing it that way.  And people who actually pronounce “trying” that way will generally spell it the correct way.  She just thinks it looks elitist to add the “g” on the end of words.

She’s trying to emulate a genuine cultural style but doing it in a fake and shoddy way that fails hugely.  Isn’t that the very definition of kitsch?

This is my sword, and this is my treasure
One is for sarah, and one is for pleasure

Oh God. If we get to studying her and Todd’s punctuation, I won’t be able to get past that extraneous comma in “there, there” (you’ll note that Betty found a neat way to avoid that in her title), except to point out that questions usually have question marks at the end to indicate that they are indeed questions, and to turn a blind eye to the greengrocer’s apostrophe on “shoe’s.”

And yes, Mary, it’s an annoying affectation, and as fake as her “everywoman” persona. Railing against “elites,” “lectures,” and the “lamestream media” etc. from her cushy part-time job on Fox News while insistin’ she’s down home folks from just one of her mansions while parodyin’ a folksy style of talkin’ is adding insult to injury.

Angry Geometer FTW!

I have now added “greengrocer’s apostrophe” to my vocabulary. This is the most educational site on the interwebz!

The Snowmachine Situation

Under-rated, especially their second album, We’re On A Bridge to Nowhere, Man.

Worked all morning on a fucking Facebook post? Really?

Not governin’s hard.

“She’s trying to emulate a genuine cultural style but doing it in a fake and shoddy way that fails hugely.”

Blame it on her ghost twitterer.

Perhaps the Ghost Twitterer should take some lessons from Bob the Angry Flower. (I know this cartoon is ancient, but I love it so.)

Comment by hamletta on 10/07/10 at 10:17 PM

Save me from people who don’t know how to use commas or apostrophes.

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