They Can Do Their Freedom Of Religion Anywhere They Want—Just Not Here

Another interview from the rally against the Not The Ground Zero Mosque.

When asked about Salman Hamdani, the Muslim police cadet/ EMT who died at Ground Zero trying to save lives, and whether his mother deserved a place near Ground Zero to pray for her son, the answer to the guy on the left is plain: NO!

Posted by Mrs. Polly on 08/24/10 at 04:45 PM • Permalink

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Mrs. Polly, you are one gutsy woman. I love you. Job well done.

But, I gotta say, whoever hired these two guys as bikers ... Worst. Casting. Job. Ever. Was David Lander booked at Branson or something?

Silly Mrs. Polly, Hamdani was working to help the victims of 9/11 live longer. But if they lived longer, that means that they were terrified longer. So this obviously makes Hamdani a terrorist. QED

Wow. These are the butchest gay guys I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for another enlightening ground-level exchange, Polly. It’s important to know that there are folks who have quite sincere and deeply-felt objections to moving humanity forward.

Mrs. Polly, prepare yourself for a lawsuit for exacerbating the dude on the left’s tic by asking reasonable questions.

@YAFB, you can’t see the tics I was exhibiting! The shaky camera work, however, is a new technique I am calling PollyWobbleVision.

@Strange, that’s exactly it; the anti-mosque protesters I questioned were civil, perhaps because I look about as threatening as a crib toy, but at some point we always bumped up against the wall of their own irrationality, and while they perhaps didn’t even acknowledge it consciously, some part of them recognised it, and there was always a tell.

And Kevin, yay! Now to go to IMDB and catch up on biker flick lore!

BTW, I have to change the title of this post, since I couldn’t believe he said, “They can do their freedom of religion anywhere they want,” but on fortieth viewing… I still can’t believe it.

I look about as threatening as a crib toy…

And you were sweetly reasonable in your questioning. Well done.

while they perhaps didn’t even acknowledge it consciously, some part of them recognised it, and there was always a tell

Yeah, that guy’s tic got a little more pronounced when he realized that a “thought process” was trying to break through.  Who knows, maybe a germ of an idea was planted that may someday blossom to life and . . . oh, who am I kidding?  These guys, and all the hordes like them, do not like to deal with rationality.  It’s a formidable thing to be up against.  And brava Mrs. P.!  This has been an epic series!

Again, well done.  They don’t seem like really bad guys per se - it’s just that they’re upset, and they haven’t bothered to think anything through.  They’ll fight over this issue, but they won’t reflect on it - not past a shallow point, anyway.  (At some point, the conservative base needs to wise up, but it would help if the Lying McCarthyite Boondoogle Band wasn’t constantly playing on Fox, huh?)

Batocchio, I think that they would cheerfully risk their lives to carry muslims out of a burning mosque, instinctively. But they also instinctively shut down, rather than let a glimmer of doubt in about what they have been instructed to believe: “Two blocks away hurts your feelings and disrespects the dead. But four blocks away is OK.”

If the original Park 51 had started out four blocks away, of course, then six blocks would have been good. The important point, besides ginning up outrage, is just to mess with the mooslins and bar them from doing something—anything. It doesn’t really matter what.

You’re absolutely right - they can’t back down and admit they’re wrong.  They neeed to get something out of their fight, and then maybe they can let it go.

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