They kinda almost like me, they really kinda almost like me

Here are some fun poll numbers to watch, Rasmussen’s favorable/unfavorable ratings for the 2008 presidential candidates.  For all of the talk about how Hillary is pure poison, her numbers don’t look that bad compared to the Republicans (and her fellow Dems).  And anyone who thinks that meathead Fred Thompson is going to win over the electorate with his mush-mouthed, everyman shtick is in for a bit of a shock.

Democratic ratings · Republican ratings

Mike Huckabee points to his invisible friend Rudy.

RELATED: The next time a Republican tries to convince you that they’re the real “big tent party,” ask them why their four top presidential candidates skipped a debate dedicated to minority issues. And also remind them that Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo would have skipped it, too, if they didn’t need more media exposure. I think Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul are the only candidates who really wanted to be there and, yes, I’m purposely excluding Alan Keyes. More here.

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