They’ll Say My Foot Was in the Right Place, I Hope

This is a clip from an interview with Juror B37 from the Zimmerman trial who was given a pretty soft interview by Anderson Cooper. She has a book deal lined up to discuss a variety of things, like, I guess, how she made up her mind before the trial, and how she thinks that peaceful demonstrations that actually got a trial to come about were “riots”, how this trial was certainly not about race (Heavens!)and a whole lot of other odd foolishness compelling details.

In America, one can sometimes be assured of getting a jury of one’s peers.

I think it’s interesting that she referred to the defendant in the trial as “George” throughout the interview and that she wholly believed the testimony of a man who did not testify. I will look forward to seeing her story on the remainders table at the 99Cent Store.

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Truly nauseating. And she gleefully mentioned something about the incredible number of robberies and burglaries that have occurred in the gated community. Exactly how many crimes have occurred there—excluding Trayvon’s murder?

Yeah, things she said seemed to be biased as all heck. Somehow, this did not come up in jury selection. On the plus side, she maded a book deal but Twitter-rage eated it.

She has a book deal lined up

That’s it, American civilization is pretty much over.

I guess she now realizes what a douche she is and has decided not to write the book giving “her and her husband’s perspective on the trial”. My outrage meter has exploded after the last few weeks.  I seriously cannot even feign outrage now.

Well, that certainly explains everything about the trial outcome.  And can I say that the state prosecutors were nearly worthless?  Yes, I think I can safely say that.

I also thought it was interesting that she said Officer Serino’s statement that he believed Zimmerman made a “big impression” on the outcome when the judge specifically instructed the jurors to disregard that statement. Unringing a bell, I guess, but this ninny actually cited it. And apparently confused the guy who bought Zimmerman’s suits with the forensics expert. Jee. Zus.

I was able to withstand only a wee bit of that interview, because yes, it sickened me.

And dickhead Richard Cohen’s column in the Washington Post totally adds perspective to the narrative.  Not.

Yeah.  I’ve been hearing a lot of whitesplaining things about this trial.  This twit confirmed my suspicions that that mindset was sitting in the juror box, just like I thought it was…

Dahlia LIthwick has a good interview with a bunch of prosecutors about the Juror’s interview. Its worth a read.

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