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One of the most gratifying / terrifying aspects of child-rearing is to see one’s own expressions, mannerisms and proclivities mirrored back by a brand-new human being. I experience this regularly as the mother of a girl who is possibly the world’s most sarcastic middle-schooler.

The cockles of TX Representative Ron Paul’s heart must be frequently warmed by observing how near his son, KY Senator Rand Paul, fell to the filial tree, what with their shared interest in Ayn Rand, medicine, fringey conservative politics and goldbuggery. But despite these similarities, Paul the father and Paul the son strike me as two very different types of men.

The elder Paul is definitely a crackpot with many unsavory associates, but on a personal level, he doesn’t come across as an arrogant prick. This is not the case with Paul the younger, who seems smarmy, egotistical, priggish and utterly humorless.

However, as it turns out, Rand Paul’s prickly, giggle-repellent exterior contains an absolute laff riot, only we’re not allowed to experience Funny Rand because of overly sensitive females. Commenting on the Herman Cain sexual harassment story yesterday, Rand Paul said this:

“There are people [i.e., men—ed.] now who hesitate to tell a joke to a woman in the workplace, any kind of joke, because it could be interpreted incorrectly. I don’t. I’m very cautious.”

So there you have it, ladies: Rand Paul could have us rolling in the aisles with a vast assortment of knock-knock jokes, limericks featuring men from Nantucket, jibes about 9-inch pianists, jests about priests and rabbis walking into a bar, etc.

But thanks to your silly aversion to a “hostile work environment” (whatever the hell that means) and unreasonable insistence on not being treated like a cocktail waitress at a frat rush, Rand Paul is forced to stifle the hilarity he would otherwise share and assume the persona of a hectoring, smug, mirthless asshole. I hope you’re happy now.

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The GOP’s solution: Turn America into the set of Leave it to Beaver so there are no women in the workplace. In addition, the minorities will smile and say “Yassuh!” (or Ai Caramba! or Oy Vey! as the case may be) and the gays will laugh along lest someone suspect.

Brava, Ms Cracker.  This has to be among your finest literary products.

“Political correctness” is such a buzz-killer. It’s getting so’s you can’t even tell a good clean joke about lynching (not the high-tech kind) or gang rape without somebody being all “Oh, hey, that might be interpreted badly!”

If it wasn’t for all that damn political correctness , the GOP could be rolling in the aisles to the manly comic stylings of Tribble Top.

As someone of the female persuasion who started out in a male-dominated career and had plenty of experiences being harassed, including having my tights yanked down from behind (remember the long sweater over tights fashion era?), Rand Paul can fuck right off to that happy place where the tumbrels are all oiled and ready to go, and Madame DeFarge is knitting a head cosy for him.

jibes about 9-inch pianists, jests about priests and rabbis

Heh. You forgot japes.

And Juggaloos, forgot them too.

They’re in the air and everywhere!

Anytime these guys whine that it’s all in how the women interpret their little jokes and double entendres I’d bet there’s been some kind of complaint made against them at some point.

I mean, what’s the matter with these gals?  Can’t they take a joke!

And of course they hatched their plan at Red Neck Jihad Headquarters , aka .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

“We need somebody to back us with some damn money so we can make that other shit,” Crump said at a Waffle House in Toccoa, Georgia. according to the criminal complaint. Crump added that botulinium toxin was “worse than anthrax.”

I wonder what their Freeper / Red State Trike Force names are?

Oops! Wrong thread. My last comment was meant for the Sissyman post.

Li’l Randy (heh-heh, he said…) just hasn’t been the same since meeting AquaBuddha. Keeyuds, stay off drugs, m’kay?

This asshat could be around for a loooong time. Lucky us.

I always mix up Paul Ryan and Rand Paul for some reason.  No idea why.  That said, Rand Paul should shut his pie-hole before I shut it for him.  Can’t take a joke, Senator?

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