This is what happens when you mix Terry McAuliffe…

...and an eightball of primo Peruvian flake:

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Terry McAuliffe was one of those parasitic beltway clintonites that made my early decision to back Obama so easy.  I don’t usually give a shit about who other states elect as governor, but here’s to hoping he loses the primary.

Unfortunately, McAuliffe’s probably going to bury Moran. I can’t see him competing with Terry’s trough.

Great use of resources, both human and financial. Even person who McDonnell and McAuliffe hit up for money should see that clip. Don’t know anything about McDonnell, but Terry McAuliffe is a prime example of the “Survival of the Douche-iest” phenomenon that drives so many people away from the Democratic Party. Fortunately, he seems to be running his campaign with the same strategic sense he demonstrated as head of the DNC, which means he should go down in flames.

McAuliffe has money, but Moran has the organization and a history in VA (yeah, his big brother Jim is a grade-A asshole, but he wins elections).

I would think that Deeds’s supporters would be more likely to move more to Moran than McAuliffe (a la Edwards’s tended to move to Obama then Hillary). A fella can hope anyway. I’m not nuts about any of them, but I like Deeds best and would never vote for McAuliffe.

Nearly all of McAuliffe’s money is coming from out of state. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, in and of itself, but it underscores the fact that he has absolutely no history or grassroots connections in VA.

His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness; he’s been a political operative all his life, but he has no actual legislative experience.

AND ANOTHER THING (get the feeling I don’t like McAuliffe?)

The primary is in June, which means low voter turnout. It also means that only prevalent-primary voters will turn out, and McAuliffe has no constituency among rank and file VA Dems.

I don’t always vote in Gov. primaries, but Moran gets my vote this time.  McAuliffe was such a smug bastard last year during the primaries.  Not to mention, he was a terrible DNC chair, dems lost seats during his reign.  Of course,if he gets nominated I’ll vote for him.  The last republican gov we had (Gilmore)was a disaster.

I hope you guys are right.  Admittedly I don’t know a lot about VA politics (or Moran) but it just seems like it’ll be hard to beat someone sitting on a pile of cash that huge.

It’s his pile of cash that I believe will be his undoing. Virginia voters don’t typically go for the show pony.

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