This is what happens when Sean Hannity tries to suck up…

Well, Bristol does sorta come off as a towering intellect in comparison:

Sadly, not even Jeebus could cure Hannity of The Dumb.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 06/30/11 at 06:27 AM • Permalink

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Sean is this close to saying “When I was young, I got a LOT of loose babes like you drunk and naked” when he finally sees the “Bridge Out” sign and hits the brakes.

but hannity minus “teh stoopid” wouldn’t be hannity.

Hannity minus “teh stoopid” would be something useful, like a paper towel or baby butt-wipe.

“...and then I became a dumb CHRISTIAN, which means at least I was saved.  Or so I thought.  But of course I did!  I was dumb!”

Hannity is the king Wanker on FOX imo…

Serious Jackass…

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