“This is what the bear probably looked like…”

“...except real.”

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WJW was the birthplace of Ernie Anderson’s “Ghoulardi.”

Glad to see they’re still Cleveland’s most surreal TV station. TURN BLUE, KNIF! PAH-PAH-OOO-MOW-MOW!

This station brags about its affiliation Fox “News.”  Almost everyone on the staff seems to display wingut tendencies, as though they’re auditioning for a job with the national network.  The shittiest newscast in Cleveland, and that’s saying something.

When it’s time to cull the cardboard bear population, I know a certain cardboard lady whose grampa taught her to shoot behind a picture of a barn!

Did they intend that to be that funny or are they just clueless?  I had to replay it to see the cardboard bear running again with the staffer trying to conceal himself behind it.  Still laughed but no coffee on the monitor this time.  Yes, I know.  I’m easily amused.

Did they intend that to be that funny or are they just clueless

I don’t think it’s an either/or situation, mar.

And I’m particularly grateful that you are easily amused. It made my embarrassing behavior after we consumed all that corn wine seem a little less outré in retrospect.

Yes, I know.  I’m easily amused.

You? I’m the one who posted it.  And I believe I watched the “bear run” at least 5 times.

Anchorman: Life imitates art, imitates life.

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