This is why they made Twitter!

Ha ha! Someone saw Taylor “Mushy” Marsh on MSNBC today and was none too pleased:


If you wanna see how Mushy has morphed into the Scariest Henry Selick Stop Motion Puppet Ever and/or suffer through wingnut blogger Matt Lewis saying “Taylor’s right” over and over, you can watch the segment below:

Posted by Kevin K. on 12/29/09 at 10:03 PM • Permalink

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Even before she went full-on PUMA, I knew it was safe for me to ignore Taylor Marsh. Why? Because she said she had been a “Reagan Democrat” and presented this as some sort of bona fide for “understanding the electorate.”

I prefer to think of it as being, “a clueless fuckwit.” Fooled by Reagan? Too fucking stupid to tell me anything useful.

I haven’t looked at her blog in ages, but she’s still running w/ her woman-of-the-people shtick:

The instant I heard Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano utter the words, “the system worked,” I’ve waited for the ass covering that was bound to come. Today it arrived.

When you’re talking about “context,” you’re screwed. Why don’t smart people ever learn that lesson? Easy. They think we’re stupid.

The statement Napolitano made on Sunday was not only ridiculously absurd counter-intuitive, but something any civilian, even one not usually following national security and terrorism threats, could deduce was utter crap.

Anyone wanna run that second paragraph through their decoder ring?

Taylor honey, you ARE stupid. And a talentless attention whore.

so racism is ok now?
and obama’s praise of reagan makes him a fuckwit?

hey and next time you want to throw a fancy latin term into your spew, make sure it’s the right part of speech.

We’ll need the decoder ring again!

Eat my fuck, you twatwaffle troll.

See, I just demonstrated that “fuck” in colloquial usage can be a noun, just as “bona fide” has become one in colloquial usage, as is recognized in most contemporary dictionaries. See for instance Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition, which offers “bonafides” as a collective noun (“evidence of one’s qualifications or achievements”).

One could make the case that singularizing it is a step too far for the language police, but then, anyone who shits the idiocy of “you been pwned” all over the interwebz probably shouldn’t be the one making that case.

Now, here’s your bowl of rancid post-Christmas cocks. Start choking on them.

Comment by Oblomova on 12/29/09 at 11:32 PM

I’m normally hesitant to roll out sockpuppeting accusations, but since we’re the only blog godisayankeefan seems to comment on, I’m beginning to wonder.  Only other sighting was in this openleft thread.

I met Taylor at Take Back America in 2005. Got talking to her a bit, and two things impressed me: 1.) she’s a very conservative Democrat. 2.) she wanted in to the politics show biz. And, I mean a lot. It sounds like she’s accomplished something in that respect.  Good for her.

Later it was sad to see her get sucked into the puma vortex.

she wanted in to the politics show biz. And, I mean a lot. {...] Later it was sad to see her get sucked into the puma vortex.

She actually used the “puma vortex” to make a rather hilarious play for Randi Rhodes’ Air America time slot during the primaries. I don’t know if she was sucked in. More like she dived right for it as a horribly misguided “career move.”

Comment by Kevin K. on 12/30/09 at 06:25 AM

Heh, I had forgotten about that.  2008 was such a loooong year.

Well, I can’t think of a better way to get into the national politics/show biz scene than to oromote a bullshit story about Obama walking into a post-Iowa victory party to “99 Problems.” And I am serious about that: what’s the downside to lying in our culture, especially about the “thuggish” tendencies of black men?

Heh, I had forgotten about that.  2008 was such a loooong year.

Did you also forget that Heidi Li “Adult Cow Hat” Feldman was serving as her unofficial manager/cheerleader? Good times…

In close-ups she looks like Robert Stack.

Oh dear god, TS—you are right!

Speaking of Heidi, how is that Museum of Misogynist Memorabilia coming along, one wonders? (One doesn’t, however, wonder enough to actually go over and check.)

I can’t muster up enough curiosity to go over and check either, O, but my guess is there are tumbleweeds blowing through the exhibit hall.

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