Thomas Jefferson: Cheese-Eating Patent-Monkey

Given that he stole the recipe for mac & cheese from the Italians, Declaration Boy has a lot of nerve busting this woman’s balls for heating up a plastic pouch she bought at Piggly Wiggly.

On the other hand, if he’d kicked her ass for serving shitty synthetic food-wads to her holiday guests when she lives in a million-dollar fenced McMansion, I could get down with that.

“Authentic” Jefferson mac & cheese video recipe is below the fold.

H/T Betty Cracker for setting today’s theme of Campy, Mass-Market Americana.

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That was very informative.  A friend of mine has taken on the task of studying various restaurant versions of mac and cheese here in DC.  The 16th St Cafe by many accounts had the best, and probably the closest to the recipe described in the video.

At first I was wondering if the Yankee Doodle verse about macaroni was a Thomas Jefferson allusion, but apparrently it’s much less flattering.

That is basically my mac and cheese recipie without the breadcrumbs.  I just bake it with a boatload of cheese on the top.  I have converted my DH to the british mac and cheese method with nothing but the taste.

I’m such a dead-head I was utterly surprised by the thyme, cayenne and nutmeg. On the other hand, I’m totally down with panko, now that I’ve got a handle on using it in tempura batter.

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