Thursday Morning Music: Chris Knox Tribute

I got a sad yesterday when I found out the New Zealand’s do-it-yourself musical mastermind Chris Knox had a stroke this summer (via Pitchfork). I’ve really got to get my priorities straight when I know useless things like who Bart Septak’s fucking barber is but I find out several months late that one of my favorite musicians of all-time was taken down by a terrible malady. Gack.

Here are a few videos featuring Knox and his epic two-man band the Tall Dwarfs to honor a great man.  Here’s to a very speedy recovery.

Chris Knox—“Not Given Lightly”

An amazing live performance by the Tall Dwarfs doing “All My Hollowness To You.”

Chris Knox—“Half Man, Half Mole”

Tall Dwarfs—“Nothing’s Gonna Happen”

Chris Knox—“One Fell Swoop”

Tall Dwarfs—“The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”

Tall Dwarfs—“Gluey Gluey”

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Well, this is ungood news. I hope he recovers swiftly and fully.

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