Thursday Morning Music: Spike Jones and a bunch of cats

Also. If you have any open-thready hopey-changey type stuff to share, this might be a good place to do it.

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That is Maru-class entertainment, Brit. The catfalls are a little anxiety-inducing, but I assume that even though there isn’t a “No kitties were harmed during the making of this video,” disclaimer, their people wouldn’t be sitting at home saying, “remember that tape you have of the time Wencesclaws slid off the table and broke his leg? Let’s upload it to YouTube!”


(You’re Welsh. This should be a pycnyc for you)

I’m still hunting for Volume 2 of this: “Revenge of the Kitties.”

For you know it will have come to pass, yea, as surely as night follows day, and as surely as no cat servant can ever reach for the stereo headphones or don a pair of slippers without a degree of trepidation.

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