Thursday Morning Music: The Verlaines’ “Death and the Maiden”

One of my favorite pop bands of all time is New Zealand’s Verlaines and this is one of my favorite songs by them.  Enjoy.

BONUS VIDEOS: Stephen Malkmus of Pavement covering “Death and the Maiden” for the Under the Influence comp and the Verlaine’s performing “Only Dream Left,” one of the most beautiful indie rock songs ever.

SIDE NOTE: Unfortunately, if you like what you heard by the Verlaines, their whole catalog is criminally out-of-print (except for this 2003 comp), but you can grab a high-quality MP3 version of their classic 1978 album Bird Dog (including “Only Dream Left”) here (RAR compressed).

MORE: You can download the vastly underrated Hallelujah All the Way Home here. Very good quality as well.

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here’s a higher quality version of the Verlaines video. maide.html

Thanks Spike.  Bedazzled is a cool blog.  Is it yours?

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