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The saddest words are these:

Gingrich’s future hinges on Delaware

I don’t need to tell you all that Delaware is a small state. It really isn’t a place to make one’s line in the sand unless, well, you’ve milked as much attention and money out of a campaign as it is humanly possible to do. And that is where Newt Gingrich’s campaign currently stands.

Gingrich campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond said they are “optimistic” about the results in the state.

“Because Delaware is a small state it has allowed us to campaign effectively,” Hammond said.

“We are looking for a bounce from Delaware and, with a good showing in the state, we will spend a lot of time on the phone with donors.

The campaign originally said late Friday night that the speaker would spend Monday campaigning in Delaware and then would head to Virginia (where Gingrich lives) for Tuesday. Just 30 minutes later, the campaign said Gingrich would be in North Carolina next week instead.

Campaigning effectively in Delaware is like pacing effectively in a phone booth.  You show up.  Done.

What Gingrich’s campaign has not done, however, is suspend itself. Oh, no.

The campaign itself is still fronting as if maybe, just maybe, something will happen. Something magic.

Magic doesn’t happen in Delaware.  (Even if sometimes, magical people do.)

What I’m saying is—I think it’s all over but the grifting in Gingrichville.  Turn out the light.

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Seems like The Grinch knew better than to even bother with Pennsylvania . . . even the Pennsyl-tuckians, not famous for their political acumen,could be sucked in by Newt.

Not to mention, PA is too large a state when your campaign fund is running on petty cash.  Newt probably couldn’t afford the bus fare from Philly to Pittsburgh.

I’d forgotten he was still in the race, even pathetically.

What I’m saying is—I think it’s all over but the grifting in Gingrichville.  Turn out the light.

Grifters gotta grift.  He could no more fight this than to not be a serial philanderer.

I’ll miss the circular firing squad.

What I’m saying is—I think it’s all over but the grifting in Gingrichville.  Turn out the light.

They mostly come at night. Mostly.

I think it’s all over but the grifting in Gingrichville.

There was never anything BUT grifting in Gingrichville.

“A bounce from Delaware”? That’s just sad.

I’m an election official (Clerk!) at a voting district in lower, slower Delaware. I have to be there at 6:00AM to set-up the registration tables and voting booth, maybe “booths”. Voting ends at 8:00PM, and we accumulate the votes, break-down the equipment, and go home at about 9:00. It’ll be a long, slow day and a terrible waste of more than a million taxpayer dollars to hold this GOP primary on behalf of The Newt and Crazy Ron Paul.

Couldn’t they just have thrown in the towel and be done with it, rather than waste this money. True fiscally conservative Republicans, both of them.

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