Time for another Daily Kos writers strike!

Guess who this Kossack is talking about? Answer below the fold…

Sounds to me like this person

has their own personal biases against Matthews, most likely of a HillaryIs44 variety, so I take their words with a big grain of salt. I’m no fan of Matthews, but to essentially put him in the same basket as Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh is really quite silly. He’s an insecure Clinton-hating fool and an ass kisser to power, but he’s no Savage clone.





Too funny. We are all PUMAs now.

Posted by Kevin K. on 02/27/09 at 03:00 PM • Permalink

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Okay, I am so “recommending” your comment.

Roar.  Meow.  Woof.

We are all PUMAs now.

Does that mean I have to stop showering?

Rumproast:  Home of the PUMA Haka!!

I’ve wondered if someone kicked Matthews hard in the ass because he does seem to have dialed it back a lot the last few months.  At the time you posted that about him he was close to the biggest douchebag on teevee.  I still think he’s pretty annoying but I have forgiven him a lot for getting Michelle Bachmann, on the air, to express her desire to see Congressional witch hunts.  Throwing out seemingly stupid ideas at people can get them to say the darnedest things!

Does that mean I have to stop showering?

It’s the only way to ensure that the blackface doesn’t wash off.

Ah Tweety.  Why can’t we quit you?

Just when you’re ready to mail a pipe bomb stuffed with nails to his office, he goes and does something sweet, like ripping Darrell Issa (Fucktard-California) a new asshole for the gratuitous douchebaggery of referring to the “Democrat Party.”

Today we are all PUMAs.

That means Golden Corral for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But the linked RR post from January of 2008, following the NH primary, that this guy is responding to (in the first half of his comments), DOES read like an over-the-top Hillary-supporter rant that you might have found on that Hillaryis44 site. It’s true that not every Hillary supporter was a PUMAoid, by a long shot, but in those days just after the NH primary, the group hadn’t yet emerged from (purportedly) the Hillary supporter camp. So, if a reader doesn’t have any familiarity with this blog otherwise, I can see how they’d get that impression.

I myself didn’t see RR until it had become largely an anti-PUMA site at a later stage of the campaign. From that, I drew what’s also turned out to be a false impression. I assumed that the bloggers here were mainstream, traditional Democrats, of the sort who backed Obama in a key stage of the campaign in his rivalry with the Clintons, rather than DLC-ilk corporatist Democrats, many of whom, at that stage, favored the Clintons. But the drift here since the election has definitely been in the latter direction.

Personally, pete, I was a kool-aid drinking Obot from the get go.  Doesn’t mean I can’t look at the man objectively, though.  Or the Clintons.

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