Time to Get Real on the *Second Amendment*


There is nothing about this article with which I disagree.

President Obama, your position on gay marriage “evolved” (to your great credit).  Isn’t it about fucking time that your position on gun control showed similar evolution?  These are innocent young people who died.  And they aren’t the only ones.  We’ve had enough of these tragedies.  It’s time for you to stand up.

Marion Delanoy
aka marindenver

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The NRA propaganda has really screwed up our priorities in this country, and I think a lot of politicians have bought into the idea that the gun lobby is just too powerful to win against. But I think recent stories, like the Trayvon Martin shooting (Stand your Ground Laws), ironically, the Fast and Furious issue (which highlighted the lack of restrictions and enforcement tools that would assist law professionals) and this mass shooting, should clearly demonstrate that the time for a common sense approach to gun laws is long overdue.

Sadly, because the tin foil hat and black helicopter crowd are insistent upon calling Obama a gun-grabber, when he’s been nothing of the sort,  I think it’s unlikely he’ll take that stand, politically. But he’s far from alone in the category of “Democrats who lack political will, re: guns”. It strikes me as terrifying and absurd that this has never come up under “Homeland security”: what if foreign terrorists stopped stuffing their shorts with C-4 and picked up on what our drug-smugglers, homegrown terrorists, and psychotics already know?

(And yet, we already know the wingnut answer—“But, but—WOLVERINES!” We aren’t dealing with rational folk. In their world, good guys are always the better shot.)

Agree—great editorial. And from the NY Daily News, which surprises me.

Meanwhile, to re-acquaint yourselves with how pig-headedly stupid and self-rightous people can be, go read the comments here, a Huff Post story about Frank Lautenberg re-introducing legislation to ban assault weapons.


All your faves are here: “Let’s ban drugs, too.”  “Guns have kept us safer than any armies.”  “Without his assault rifle this killer would have used a bomb and there would be even more casualties.”

Enjoy, if that’s the word I’m looking for.

Comment by Mr.Wonderful on 07/22/12 at 10:27 AM

Steve M. makes some great points here.  I just hope we’re finally reaching a tipping point on this issue.

It didn’t even take 24 hours before the president of the Colorado Gun Owners Association was flapping his yap with the usual “if someone in the audience had been packin’, they could have stopped this man sooner”.  Uh, no.  No they couldn’t have; he was wearing a LOT of body armor.  Also, way to dis the memory of the active duty Navy officer who was among the dead; if a trained member of the military was a casuality, how likely was Joe NRA going to be in taking down someone who had planned this well?

Louis Gohmert was the first person I saw to float that ridiculous idea probably only minutes after he heard about this tragedy.  The idea is so ludicrous.  In addition to all the body armor the guy had on, people were reeling from the tear gas and scrambling around trying to escape and it was dark in there.  Plus apparently the movie was still blaring away.  But sure, in the lala land these guys live in the Lone Ranger would fire one of his silver bullets straight to the heart of the bad guy and all would be well.

I just don’t see any politician—Obama or anyone else—addressing gun control in a meaningful way with the NRA stomping through the political landscape like Godzilla. The American people do not back many of their more crackpot policies, but they have the money and wherewithal to destroy anyone who opposes them, and as long as that’s the case, nothing will change.

What’s needed is a campaign to expose the NRA as the collection of extremists that they are. Until they lose members and clout, they’ll continue to dominate the debate.

As a result of the Colorado shooting, these will be the changes in gun laws:

The gun nuts aren’t even Second Amendment defenders, they omit half of the goddamn amendment.  If “well regulated militia” doesn’t allow for, well, regulation, I don’t know what would.

By the way, follow-up on my comment on Vixen’s thread that my daughter was awaiting word on the condition of one of her friends who was injured (while the other friend got out with scrapes and bruises)  these are actually the girls!!  Such a relief that Allie is going to be OK and Stephanie is definitely someone you’d want around in a tight situation!

Stephanie is definitely someone you’d want around in a tight situation!

Wow, you’re not kidding! I’ve been seeing that pic all over the place, obviously. Glad she got a hug from the O-man and that Allie’s going to be alright.

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