To Serve Womankind

Yes, the Ambassador would like us to know she means to preserve as many of us as she can~~but the sacred bio-essence passing through these portals must be preserved! A number of us may have to be sacrificed, but the bio-essence must be maintained! Come to Pink, children. Want Pink. Don’t turn from Pink. You… need…Pink.

Or, not. So glad I never went for the Pink Kitchen-Aid Mixer. Bundling that thing up and shipping it off to almost-Governor Handel wouldn’t have been a satisfying protest, but not buying it sure is!

Update: did I say Kitchen-Aid Mixer? Pah! Komen be Barnhardtin’! *


Posted by Mrs. Polly on 02/02/12 at 08:50 PM • Permalink

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Beware Great White Administrators! We are only pawns….

The extreme hairdo- okay I am being superficial but she looks a bit like a Cylon to me or maybe I just don’t know any wealthy Republican matrons.

As the husband of an awesome woman who got breast cancer and thanks to awesome early detection, which PP provides, is in remission, I am in fairly throw-up mode about the Komenies.  I have just learned that the leadership is GOP, which is surprising since the party is normally indifferent or hostile to “woman’s” issues.  So this is a huge fail by Komen, obviously but may lead to a reform of the fund raising business for this sector.  My point is that the GOP will also politicize any issue and organization to achieve their destructive ends.

Weeeeeeeeee’lllllllll drink a drink a drink
to Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink
The savior ovvvvvvvvvvv the hu-uman ra-a-acccceeee
She invented a medicinal compound
Most efficacious in every case

I don’t know diddly about TV studio production craftsmanship, so I can’t judge this contribution by a B-J commenter (whose nym I do not recall ever seeing over there, and I’m over there a lot; waaayyyy too much, in fact). The comment is of course regarding Teh Ambassador’s appearance with Mrs. Greenspan.

Anyhoo, take this or leave this, as you see fit:

The staff of this show – specifically the hair stylist, the cameraman, and the editor who chose the angle for shooting the guest – are clearly very pissed off. And they have exacted their revenge.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 02/02/12 at 11:53 PM

Been trying to think who she reminds me of and it finally came to me.  Martha Stewart’s spawn-from-hell when she was pushing her “Mommy Dearest (No, It’s All a Joke)” book.

I’ve always been very leery of all the pink products because when you look closely at the label the amount going to actual breast cancer research is very tiny or none at all.  It’s just a big marketing scheme (oh, right, increasing awareness scheme).

I’ve supported Komen because I have a good friend who’s a breast cancer survivor and she’s very active in the race here (and the local chapter did take immediate steps to express their disagreement with the defunding) but the more I read about their operations the less likely I am to support them in the future.  There are plenty of other organizations out there doing good work for breast cancer victims and there are also lots of other terrible cancers that get much less in the way of funding and awareness.

Another BJ commenter up a bit higher in line gave the email address for Komen, so I sent a nasty little “never again will I contribute, donate, or buy ANYTHING pink” missive.  My PS included a comment re: the pink Komen gun, and how their pro-life sentiments are apparently quite nuanced…

I’m sorry (actually, no, I’m not) but when women have so much botox/surgery their faces stop moving they are no longer allowed to align themselves with the human race. They look like really, really poorly made blow up dolls.

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