Today Is A Very Special Day In Rhinebeck…

Riff-raff In Rhinebeck

It’s the last day to catch a live performance of the Rocky Horror Show!  by Richard O’ Brien. We see you shiver! With antici….......

PATION! This could be considered an open thread, or a thread dedicated to any number of horror shows, or even a congratulatory thread, as some little molecule of optimism might have detached from our compound cynicism and been allowed to float through the unusually clear air over New York this sparkling Saturday.

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this sparkling August Saturday

It really is an absolutely gorgeous day here, which is why I’m getting off the computer right now.  Have a great day, folks!

Oh, I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I’m happy to say that I have passed it on to kc who regularly attends midnight showings with her friends, complete with costume.

This is also one of my all time favorite scenes in a TV show. Priscilla is a great movie, too!

Say, isn’t Rhinebeck where the wedding that Dear Leader was NOT invited to being held today?

Heck, is it August yet? It isn’t! Well, best wishes and enjoy the day anyhoo, despite being followed by helicopters everywhere you go.

You too, Chelsea.

Saw live show in Olympia, wash. Last Sept. Way cool!

Rejoice, for today is Uni-Tea day!  After today, everyone will know, thanks to the six black tea partiers and guest speaker Andrew Breitbart, that Democrats are the real racists!

Dear God, it really is Uni-Tea day.

How dare Chelsea rain on We the People’s multi-culti parade?

Event co-organizer Jeffrey Weingarten, a tea partier from Morristown, NJ, told TPM yesterday he expects the event to draw crowds of multi-ethnic faces not generally seen at normal tea party events.

So I assume they’ve paid some multi-ethnic faces er, people, to show up?  I mean, if they’re true, actual multi-ethnic tee pees why aren’t they showing up at normal tea party events?

Here’s wishing all the best to future Madame President Chelsea Mezvinsky!

I figure the PUMAs have 20 years or so to come up with a rhyming bumper sticker…and they’ll need it.

It’s been a lovely day up here in Boston as well - and I just finished watching The Man of a Thousand Faces,” a 1950s biopic starring James Cagney as Lon Chaney - the inspiration for a lot of the things that inspired Rocky Horror.  Haven’t seen it since it first came out, and was surprised at how much I sorta remembered…

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