Todd Kincannon: Profiles in Cowardice


Today I thought it might be instructive to introduce one Todd Kincannon, Esq., one of the Republican Party’s bright young things waiting in the wings.  Young Guns, I think they call themselves, as they noisily racket around trying to reinvent the GOP for the eleventy-eleventh time. 

By my reckoning the GOP change-meisters have managed—by hook or by crook—to drag the party into the 20th century and appear to be hell-bent on emerging into a solidly 1950’s mindset.  What next?

My guess is Todd Kincannon—store-front lawyer, Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP (for two months), Mama’s boy, world class sexter and Twitter enfant terrible—is the best the “New Republican Party” has to offer. 

A racist, homophobic, misogynist southern gentleman who is cutting a wide, bloody swath through human decency in the name of the First Amendment [I know.  I know.  Nothing “new” about that . . . ]

Todd’s latest social coup occurred this weekend while the rest of the flower of American manhood drank beer, ate Dorito tacos and watched the Ravens and the 49ers bang heads.  Like most cases of arrested development Todd likes to share his every brain fart with the world, so, when the lights went out, unexpectedly, in the Superdome, thwarting Todd’s need for constant gratification, he had things like this to say about it:



Predictably, some of the twitterati told him what a courageous patriot he is for speaking truth to power, while others tweeted colorful, ingenious death threats. 

That’s really not an isolated incident for Todd who likes being confrontational on the twitter [witness this, this and this] when he’s not sexting pictures of his pecker to random women who are not his fiance, or bullying people with legalese.  And, of course, one of the reasons Todd likes being confrontational on the twitter is because he’s figured out a way to make it pay (i.e., #TGDF).

There really is no end to Todd’s talents. 

And, of course, when push comes to shove, and there are more death threats than kudos, Todd has the RFAD (Republican First Amendment Dodge) to fall back on, as he explained, ever so articulately, on Huffington Post Live:

Ah yes!  The First Amendment: The pea-brained trash talkers’ friend for over two centuries.

Like most online bullies, Kincannon gets around to whining about someone tweeting his office address which was definitely an “open secret” since Todd links his business website (complete with street address) to his Twitter and Facebook accounts.  [Probably not the best marketing move, Todd]

So.  I feel compelled to explain to Mr. Kincannon that I have absolutely no beef with what he says, odious as it is, because—FIRST AMENDMENT!!1!

No, I defend his right to express any outrageously retrograde thought that slithers through his dark, soulless cranial cavity.

My beef with you, Todd, is that you are a particularly loathesome, self-indulgent man-child whose cartoonish notion of what it is to be an American citizen, broadcast to the world in all its gnarly ugliness, diminishes all of us just a little.

I sincerely hope you grow up someday and, barring that, I hope that South Carolinians continue to have the good sense that they demonstrated when they finally wrested the Greenville County Disabilities and Special Needs Board away from the venal little Kincannon family cabal.

Have a nice day, Todd.

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Just great work. What an awful person! Bet he and his mom really hated Big Government as they sucked on it.

At first appraisal, I felt there were no words to describe what I feel Todd is. But with some careful reconsideration, I think there are indeed some that apply:

Despicable, loathesome, racist, vile, cruel, brain-dead, scummy, asinine…well, those are just a few.

Really, what an asshole!

All Repiglickin’s are rotten loathesome creatures.  Time to make their dreams come true and put them all in the FEMA camps Obama has been building.

Here come the black helicopters!  Run for you lives, hillbillies!  Grab your meth, Floridians, and head south as quick as you can.  Don’t stop at Key West, keep going.

Todd K. and the other Repiglickin’ Carolinians, y’all head east!  Hurry!  Just a few miles and you’ll be safe in England!

Too bad, no normal people will miss them.

Wow ... after following the links in the article on the Greenville County board to previous articles and comments, I feel sorry for anyone who has had the misfortune to work with the Kincannons and their cronies or even come in contact with them.

From one of the comments, regarding Todd and the way he chooses to portray himself on social media:

He posted on his own facebook, “Apparently they can’t use leashes on retarded children. WTF?” Which he followed up with, “Yeah, like that’s some kind of rule. No shock collars either. How ridiculous is that?” Both posted on December 7, 2011. How can this guy have ANYTHING to do with a disabilities agency?

‘Todd Kincannon, Legal Corresponant’ - says it all. Let me know when this guy gets air on a network that knows how to spell.

The fact that this guy had any say on policies affecting disabled persons is appalling. 

The benefit of his twitter activity is that it helps middle of the road people see just how loathsome the GOP has become.  Thanks, jerky, you’re helping to kill off your party.

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