Too Many Dicks Spoil The Froth

Did somebody mention Dickishness? Why yes!

Mark Halperin’s propensity for phallic phoolishness is hardly news to Rumproasters, but after Time’s Beltway insider casually called President Obama “a dick” this morning, the rest of the world caught up. Now Halperin is eating his words, and has been suspended indefinitely.

While our silly culture often seems rife with pearl-clutching and forced apologies, Halperin is on the record that little stray remarks like “if jobs are lost so be it” aren’t really important in the Giant Scheme and all, because, you know, both sides and so on!  So it is indeed with sadness that we see his unique voice stilled, and look forward to the end of his suspension,  so that he can get back to defending the defenseless as only he can do.

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Must be time for a pundits ethics panel.

Halperin and Dana Milbank are in negotiations with FoxNews for a daily segment called “The Dick Show” which will be a short, five inch minute stub inserted into the slot between O’Reilly and Hannity.

Alex Pareene FTW:

It seems wrong, to me, that in a conversation involving Joe Scarborough and Mark Halperin, a third party was somehow called a “dick…”


For no good reason at all: one dik bad, two dik good.

And I thought we’d miss Weiner.

In Halperin’s defense, I know that if I were in the same room as Joe Scarborough, the word that would be top of mind is “dick”.

Thanks Mrs. Polly, I’ve been waiting for this post all morning.  The look on Mark Halperin’s face when he realized there was no 7-second delay was priceless.

HALPerin! HALPerin! He’s bein’ O-pressed!

The cut to the studio is my favourite.

Has Palin issued a statement about his 1st Amendedminted Freedumbs?

I mean tech. booth. Too much sugar this morning.

But he was innocently preparing his witticism in advance, and if he’d only been properly bleeped, it would have been good clean fun! He is a guileless fresh-scrubbed schoolboy!

Not to mention that operating on faith that the delay is on should get him busted down to unpaid intern at the least, stupid git.

Dickishness aside, Halperin is just a godawful hack. Always has been. Always will be. He sucks at his job. He rivals Bill Kristol in the wrong-all-the-time department.

Por exemplo, this piece of professional analysis Halperin offers shortly after making the dick” comment: “This deal has always been predicated on the trust and respect between the President, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.”

Hahahahaha! Are you fucking kidding me? Someone who had spent the last two years trapped in a mine would know better than that. But Halperin is a very important “political analyst.” Christ.

Amusing! Meatprod is on the BJ thread demanding Halperin apologize to all dicks. I guess he should be first in line, eh? Heehee…

Oh come on. He did it deliberately. Getting suspended from MSNBC is like a badge of honor to wingnuts and Halperin is exactly the kind of guy who would actively seek their approval in this way.

@Twinky: Return of the Prod? Too funny.

You can always tell a PUMA by the way they clear their throats. while waiting for an apology.

He’s probably gunning for Beck’s slot at Fox and will use his forced “vacation” time to practice with chalkboards and conspiracy theories in his basement. Like Rupert Pupkin. Only creepier.

How long before some wingnut cites this incident as further evidence that liberals hate free expression?

While I am no fan of Halperin (who I frequently called a dick during the campaign) he was totally set up by Joe and Willie.  Of course he was utterly stupid for falling for it, (did you hear the panic in his voice when he said “this is my career” when he realized the delay may not have worked?)  I am assuming (although I could be wrong) that both Joe and Willie have been profusely apologizing to him since this morning because if they haven’t then they damn well should be.

Sorry, I’m not buying that, Litlebrit. He’s not the kid on the playground in A Christmas Story being taunted to lick the lightpole. He’s a media professional and if he has an inkling of a concern that his word choice may be problematic, then it’s HIS responsibility to choose better words. He did it to himself.

Litlebrit, what I saw was Halperin asking about the delay, but even if it had been on, he would have been fairly obvious to even beginner lip-readers as saying “a dick,” with just the audio bleeped. So his contrived cleverness was awfully stupid.

He was ostensibly on as an analyst, as Joy Reid points out. Instead we got amateur hour barstool opinion without even being leavened by delicious yeasty alchohol.

He’s an asshole who wants to have it both ways—credit for being a big tough-talkin’ Man’s Man about the president (“I called Obummer a bad word! Nadz of Steel—I Haz Them!”), while not wanting to actually, you know, face any real-world consequences for his actions. So he’s a perfect encapsulation of a Right-Wing Pud-Pulling Puling Sack of Shite.

GOP = Greedy Old Pud-pulling-pulers.  Yep, that fits.

while not wanting to actually, you know, face any real-world consequences for his actions.

Which just makes the whole thing odder. Unless he planned to shoot everyone in the studio and burn the place to the ground so they couldn’t talk about it.

How long before some wingnut cites this incident as further evidence that liberals hate free expression?

My guess is they’ll go for “MSNBC is mean to Halperin.”

The sexual metaphors are dropping like ice cubes in a gin and tonic.

Chris Matthews said he “felt the earth move” in respect to this matter.  Apparently this is a Hemingway reference from For Whom the Bell Tolls.  It was supposed to indicate that a female character achieved orgasm.

I think “dick” was uncalled for.  I prefer Zippy the Irish Kenyan.

Obama kicked Congress in the nads, which has a lot of people reflexively thinking about their dicks.

Heh~if he thought “dick” then he should say “dick.”  Rather mild word actually.  The problem is that the president wasn’t a dick yesterday.

And this kerfuffle is the same reason the president didn’t want to talk about ssm.  No offense to LGBT but any answer he would have given would have been the focus instead of Congress not doing its job.  As it is the subject is the president’s tone not his substance.

Awesome blog title.

I don’t see this as any sort of big deal, but my distaste for Halperin tempers my tongue.

The conservatron talking points memo on this will be:  MSNBC is an uber-liberal channel*, so what do you expect?  Fairness to a conservative; why perish the thought! 

* Don’t I wish….

I see that the rapidly forming conventional wisdom of the lefty blog A-list (Atrios, Digby, Greg Sargent, John Cole) is that people liker Halperin molest the truth every day, so it’s wrong to suspend him for saying “dick” instead of as a consequence of his many, far worse sins.

My reaction is:  so fucking what?  They got Capone for tax evasion; I don’t really care how they got Halperin.

This conservative funnyman claims MSNBC has inconsistent standards.

They got Capone for tax evasion; I don’t really care how they got Halperin.


Oh Jeebus, I could only take half of that clip.  All I can say is Halperin is a dick; I’ve been painfully reminded that MSNBC pays both him and Harold Ford, and Morning Joe is about as silly as home room was in high school.  About as worthwhile too.

Halperin—isn’t it ironic?  don’tcha think?—is a dick himself.  But, in slight mitigation: he probably watches Jon Stewart say “fuck” every night, knowing it gets bleeped and knowing that everyone knows what he said.

Meanwhile, Scarborough’s “I was kidding” is bullshit.  He didn’t “kid.”  He urged and egged on.  Quite dickishly, one might say.

  They got Capone for tax evasion; I don’t really care how they got Halperin.


Double word!!

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