Tranya, Wookiee Toupees And Opie’s Older, Stranger Brother

Yes, indeedy. Floyd The Barber, Gomer Pyle, Deputy Dimwit And Baalok the drunken alien nemesis in a futuristic chaise-longue. Ron Howard’s slightly older brother Clint returns after nearly sixty years to reprise his tiny tippling tyrant in the Star Trek episode, “The Corbomite Maneuver.”

Priceless, endless, thoroughly no-strings-attached thanks to Betty Cracker for the much-needed ST inspiration. I hadn’t thought much about America’s first dusty Western in outer space in a very long time, but now I can’t escape the feeling that I’m vibrating on a Barcalounger filled with Tribbles!

Kneel before Clint!

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Strange and Polly agree: Baalok is assuredly the most annoying and least effective alien since Jor-El in Smallville.

Hey, now, buddy, let’s not forget the damage done to the new generation by Jar-Jar Binks.  All of the annoyance, less effectiveness per screen-minute, plus with bonus racism!

And how!

WAR OF THE PRIMARY COLORS: of course, some things were better in Superboy than they were in ST. Michael J. Pollard (the getaway driver in Bonnie And Clyde) was an alien adolescent in ST who upbraided thoughtless adults (“Grups”) by hitting them over the head and shouting, “Bonk Bonk, Bonk Bonk, Bonk Bonk!”

About a dozen years later, he appeared on television’s Superboy show as Mr. Mxyzptlk, an extra-dimensional imp with magic powers and a spectacular two-color super-suit that included a cocked hat and purple booties. Superboy could only banish Mr. M. to his own dimension by tricking him into saying his own name backwards. (KLTPZYXM—good luck with that, Kal-El! That’s gonna be a lot harder than “Xela Kebert”)

@Lowkey: Thanks, but I was talking about real science fiction here. Catch the cape, buddy!

I’ve rewatched some of TOS recently, and I was quite surprised to see Clint Howard. I had not known it was him, and I was quite amused that he had the “terrifying goblin” look down pat so early in his life.

You know, a “Star Trek” character making a Wookie joke would never have been possible if George Takei hadn’t brokered the “Star Peace”.

Star Wars is derivative?!?!?! Great Dancing Jesus On A Vulcan Razor-Sword, James Tiberius Jack-Whistle!

If you pay any attention whatsoever, CAVE PAINTINGS ARE DERIVATIVE, you aesthetic ignoramus.

and, speaking of “derivative, ” series developer Gene Roddenberry pitched the original year of Star Trek episodes as Wagon Train In Space.

You want to talk derivative? Let’s talk about modeling our science fiction show on TV’s longest-running western soap opera.

If you pay any attention whatsoever, CAVE PAINTINGS ARE DERIVATIVE, you aesthetic ignoramus.

And now I’ve shot coffee out of my nose and onto my keyboard.  Goddamnit, Strange.

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