Trey Parker and “Book of Mormon” Cleaning Up at Tonys

So far, Best Score, Direction, Choreography, Orchestrations and Featured Actress.

And now, Best Book.

Sound Design. Scenic Design.

Oh, and Best Musical.

Hard to believe it all started here, sort of:

[UPDATE:] Here’s Andrew Rannells singing “I Believe:”

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Book of Mormon’s cleaning up! Trey’s sparkly Nehru-thing makes me happy. He’s a living Blingee!

Annnnddddd, now we have a Meet Mormon Singles ad over there in the adchoice box….

Strange, I didn’t know you were gay!

Fuck, no. I just wanted an excuse to post Orgazmo. ;->

I know very few “civilian” straight men who follow the Tonys voluntarily. Forgive me. Also—Norbert Leo Butz is fabulous. I have loved him since A) he rocked the touring production of Sam Mendes’ Cabaret as the emcee and B) he opened his Tony acceptance speech for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels by saying “I was SO happy when they said my name just now—because I finally got the joke!”

Neil Patrick Harris was a terrific host and should host the Oscars, too. On the downside: so many artists relegated to the off-broadcast awards, including the freaking BEST SCORE and the regional theater award (which this year went to the wholly-deserving Lookingglass Theatre Company in Chicago).

Comment by Oblomova on 06/12/11 at 10:22 PM

Goodness, O—no apologies required. We’re all gay around here to some degree. It’s true I probably wouldn’t have watched had Parker and Stone not had a hit in the running, even though I pay attention to theater and I’m a fan of good musical scores. But that’s only because awards shows usually suck, which this one miraculously didn’t.

But that’s only because awards shows usually suck, which this one miraculously didn’t.

Except for the Spidey ballad, of course.

Except for the Spidey ballad

Even that was lightened by the tension of waiting for one of them to fall off the platform.

Bono and that other guy were the most shame-faced introducers of their own work I’ve ever seen. All that humanitarian work countered in one fell show!

And Norbert Leo Butz is just the living end. So to speak.

Except for the Spidey ballad, of course.

That show could not be any worse if Andrew Lloyd Webber had written it. Not a hook to be heard, not even a grating, awful recital piece like “Memory” or “Music of the Night.”

I am so dying to see “Book of Mormon”!  Apparently the touring show is kicking off in Denver late in 2012.  kc and I may not be able to wait until then - may have to make an emergency trip to NYC this fall!

Oh dear, I just found out that Norbert Leo Butz’s late sister, the one he paid tribute to in his speech, was murdered in Seattle while he was there doing the out-of-town tryout for “Catch Me If You Can.” He truly is a class act all the way.

Comment by Oblomova on 06/13/11 at 06:27 PM

Sorry, didn’t mean to bring down the room with that note, but man.

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