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Back in the mid ‘80s I spent most of my weekends chilling on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where I dated one of the daughters of America’s original “Beat” writer, Chandler Brossard. One day, when she was engaged in her casting job for TV’s “Another World” soap opera, I received a phone call from Andy Warhol’s nephew, James, who lived in Queens. It seems James needed a human model for a book cover he was painting, and he thought I could fill the bill. And since my gal was busy tending to the needs of a TV show cast which included a budding juvenile Jane Krakowski, I decided to help him out.

Forty-five minutes later, the L train dropped me in front of James’s industrial-style loft in Queens. He didn’t have any official props, but he equipped me with a mop-bucket helmet, a bathroom-rug cape, and a plastic broom handle to stand in for my ray gun.

You can see the results above, in the appropriately titled, “Nightmare Machine” installment of the Battlestar Galactica chronicles. And thanks to James for visiting me in the trauma hospital, remembering that he had painted this, and offering to send me the original canvas to hang in my home. How’s your life, cousins?

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My only Battlestar Galactica story was seeing Richard Hatch, who played Apollo in the original TV series, at a taping of Battle of the Network Stars.  Yours is better, especially with the cool souvenir of the experience.

As always, Strange, great to read you!

I think the rug would have made a bolder statement in a nice apricot/mango, with perhaps a dash of chartreuse.

It is so great to have you back on the blog, man.

How’s your life, cousins?

All the better for reading you, Strange! The beard came as a bit of a surprise, though.

Me? I’m nursing a shoulder problem that’s related to spending far, far too long propped up at the laptop while Mittens slowly circled the plughole, hence spending a lot less time online at the moment, my current therapy consisting of wallowing kneedeep in wall filler and countless near-empty tubs of paint (funnily enough, DIY and painting overhead doesn’t seem to be exacerbating it, so I’ve no excuse there).

I plan to get back in the blogsaddle soon, though I’m still basking in the balmy afterglow of the growing drubbing the Repubs took—I’d like to see Mitt nail it at precisely 47% of the vote, but I’ll settle for a little rounding if that’s the best we can do when everything’s counted.

Well, Strange, we always knew you wore a cape; we just didn’t know it was chenille. It’s just lovely to see our best galactic warrior gracing the front lines again, and long may you wave.

@YAFB, if only balmy afterglow worked on sore muscles. But at least kicking the GOP around is always good for an endorphin or two. Let’s resolve to do it even more in 2013, same Strange place, same Strange channel!

Um, Strange?  It seems that you’re about to laser-blast that man for having given you extremely tart lemonade.  Was that James’s direction, or were you lost in your modeling moment?

Wow, that’s even better than Kevin K.‘s nano-second performance in that movie that time!  Good to see you checking in Strange - and great to be reveling in the schadenfreude of the Great Rethuglican Meltdown of 2012.

That’s actually kinda awesome

I’m glad the artist realized your hair was too damn pretty to be under a helmet, mop bucket or no! Good to see your byline, brother! My life is still covered with sawdust and chicken feathers, but I’ll get this home renovation and egg production thing sorted out yet!

Hey, dude, when you told me the story, you were menacing artboy Warhola with a can opener. I’ll allow the poetic license, but I like the illusion of a church-key as more in character.

I’m also extremely pleased that you posted the Norm McDonald “First we eat the pig and then we burn!” clip. All time favorite. I believe you’re mending well, amigo.

That is a great story!  More, please

You should write your memoirs Strange - that would be an awesome read!

So anyway, I was supposed to be Richard Hatch or a fair-haired Starbuck, but James painted me as a wacky Apollo.

And another thing: all you Cattle-car Spaztastica fans, what the hell is a “centon”? Time? Distance? Money? In this epic narrative saga of robots, humans and silly pharaoh helmets, there was only one unit of measurement for EVERYTHING.

Yay! Another Strange post!

I’m just plotting with the usual array of Chicago thugs for world dominance, reviewing Christmas shows til I puke, and sniggering at my poor little boy cat who is sporting a cone of shame.

what the hell is a “centon”?

This is almost certainly why the Cylons were able to kick their butts so severely in the Big Uh-Oh.

STARBUCK: We’ve got 20 Cylon Raiders closing in fast, 34 centons out, moving at 80 centons!  We’ve got less than 8 centons to stop them!

APOLLO: Wait, there’s no way a centon of milk costs, uh… 4 centons 55.

HAH! I owned that book! My mother bought it for me for 50 cents way back in 1982! I think it’s still in a box in her shed.

Bargal—In exchange for a centon or several, we could probably arrange to have it autographed.

Has anyone else seen “Gentlemen Broncos”?

No, but we’re familiar with the director’s work.

Well, here’s the relevance of Gentlemen Broncos to this post:

Comment by Bargal20 on 12/03/12 at 03:43 AM
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