Trump vs. Bill Maher—Birther vs. Aper

Bill Maher reports on The Donald’s decision to sue him for $5 million for alleging on air that Trump’s the progeny of his mother and an orangutang. (There’s a short ad at the beginning, but you can skip it after 5 seconds or so.)

Trump fires back via TMZ:

Donald Trump has made it clear ... his legal war with Bill Maher isn’t just about the money ... it’s personal—telling TMZ the comic CROSSED THE LINE when he suggested Trump’s mom banged an orangutan.

Trump just appeared on “TMZ Live” and explained why he’s confident he’ll emerge victorious in his $5 million lawsuit against Maher ... claiming he doesn’t believe Bill was joking when he appeared on Leno earlier this year and challenged Trump to prove he isn’t the “spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.”

Donald says he vows to defend his parents’ honor—telling us, “What he said about my father is disgraceful ... and what he said about my mother, who’s deceased, was in a certain way, even more disgraceful.”

“I’ve never heard anything like that said about my parents ... who were truly great people.”


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Trump engaging Maher in a battle of wits is coming to a knife fight armed with a feather duster. It’s like he learns nothing. Even Obama, who, although funny at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner lo these couple years ago, was generally “funny in a politician way”—his biggest laughs were at Trump’s expense.

Note to Trump: If you don’t enjoy being a target, stop painting yourself with bullseyes.

Yup. A total lack of sense of humor in a bully is a fatal flaw, and just makes the jokes funnier.

I also love the way Maher (who’s not been my favorite comedian in the past for a few reasons, but redeems himself in spades here) turns the tables on Trump by continuing his rap about the burden of documentary proof. I mean, are we not to believe our own lyin’ eyes?!!!!

Luckily for Trump, he doesn’t seem to have been a “tort reform” crusader.  This little kerfuffle promises to be a hilarious “feud”.

From The Donald’s Twitter feed, it’s possible to pinpoint the exact time he viewed Maher’s slot:

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

Dummy @BillMaher forgot to say that he made an absolute offer which I accepted. Hopefully, charity gets $5M dollars.

3:18 PM - 9 Feb 13

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

How does @HBO employ @BillMaher with a pathetic show that he does——what kind of “a special” is that? Complete garbage!

3:19 PM - 9 Feb 13

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

.@BillMaher’s so called show on HBO must be the cheapest “special” produced in the history of television—- it sucks!

3:20 PM - 9 Feb 13

Looks like the feces were flying at Trump Towers.

Yes—because it worked so well when Jerry Falwell sued Larry Flynt.

I was tempted to say that Trump has no sense of humor, but I don’t think that’s really true.  It’s that he has no sense of shame.  How could he, when in his world, the highest human achievement is salesmanship, which to him is a function of egotism?

He is exactly the opposite of what people mean when they praise a man as being “a class act.”  It’s not that he thinks all his bullshit is truth; he thinks truth doesn’t exist, and it’s all bullshit.  So he behaves accordingly and always, always comes out a buffoon.

Loved the Maher clip.  It is always so entertaining watching the Trump-buffoon get slapped about in the public sphere.  Hey Maher, keep poking him with that stick!

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