Tuesday Morning Music: Drink Up Buttercup’s “Gods and Gentlemen” (live—plus bonus tracks)

BONUS TRACKS: Philly’s Drink Up Buttercup is running with an interesting concept at Vimeo and YouTube to promote their forthcoming debut album…

Tossed Out Into A Sea Of Normal is series of live home video recordings of each track from Drink Up Buttercup’s debut album Born and Thrown on a Hook.

Here are two videos from the series…

This track is called “Even Think” and was performed live in van, drums sampled on an SK-1 and played through the speakers with one of those tape thingys people used to use to listen to their cd walkman when all they had in their ride was a tape deck.

Young Ladies live from Upstairs at the First Unitarian Church

KEVIN PREDICTS: Drink Up Buttercup will be one of the next big things in the indie rock spectrum in 2010. Mark my words.

MORE: You can grab the free Andrew W.K. remix of “Even Think” here.

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