Uh-oh. Twitter Town Hall Open Thread And Biden Tweetwatch

VPology Yes, the Obama White House has been all into the Social Media from the very start, but perhaps President Obama might be reanalyzing the cost/benefit ratio now that Joe’s joined.

Gaffetweeting giggles aside, the Twitter Townhall starts at 2PM EST. The focus is the economy and jobs. If you want to twitter questions at the President, the hashtag is #askObama. The conversation will be viewable at that hashtag, until of course the eternal failwhale is hefted onto our screens. But we’ll still be able to watch it livestreamed from the WH, here.

And of course the Republicans are doing their best to obstruct proceedings in what is essentially a denial-of-service attack, because denial-of-service is what they do best.

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Unfortunately, the GOP’s “new media prowess” consists almost entirely of fraudulent journalism, abusive grade-school blog “wits” and Sarah Palin’s FB page of Unrequited Pining & Devotion.

#AskObama Twitter feed currently features many famous Conservative nitwits.

and this is why we can’t have nice things

The #AskObama tag yields about 98 million miles of twitter posts per second. That’s right: an Angstrom unit on my puter screen.

Also, the live stream at the WH runs like a HD YouTube over a 2400 baud modem.

There should be a way to go twitter | grep -60posts -noredstaters > screen

Also, the live stream at the WH runs like a HD YouTube over a 2400 baud modem.

The corporate high-speed wireless that I’m on right now delivers near-real time video in gorgeous HD.

I’m really surprised my major media-owning cable/telecom company overlords are allowing me to not only see Rumproast today, but also this lovely live-stream.

This is why the Mexicans and Islamists will win. Here we are using a stupid motherfucking tech gadget to discuss national topics of great import in 140 characters or less.

Fuck it, Herman Cain is correct, if this is how we keep a public involved and informed no fucking bill can be longer than three pages.

This country is so fucked.

Boehner. Santorum. Huckabee. Who’d I miss?

Oh, wait—the Queen of Tweets has not yet weighed in. Perhaps she’s waiting to spring a “gotcha” question on national energy strategy, since she’s an expert on how to get money out of oil companies.

if this is how we keep a public involved and informed

I doubt there’s very much “public” involved in this exercise.

I’m heartsick because every answer Obama gives reveals what an out-of-control, irrational America-hating Fabian Socialist he is. Between all the mad cackling and threats to “take you all down WITH me,” this is almost unwatchable.


I am on a mobile right now, and can’t do fancy embedded links, but that’s a comparison between questions asked by regular Twitterers and questions asked by Our Stupid Media. [But I CAN—Strange]

I can’t seethe feed, but just enough to note that Kristof couldn’t cede the field to thelumpenproles any more than the RepubliTwits.

I hope if nothing else that Twitter is gathering information regarding the abusive and negative Tweeters who are pushing Conservative talking points.

It would be better than that scam where felons with outstanding arrest warrants were mailed tickets to a Super Bowl Pre-Game Party With Booze and Cheerleaders. They were all arrested when they showed up, and given the electric chair…just as should happen with all those who oppose Obam-Ra.

Excellent idea, Strange; throw in a

Couple of packets of survival seeds and a flag T shirt and we could round up half the DOS republihacks without breaking a sweat.

Stupid tiny typepad

Nothing makes Peter Daou happy. How does he ever force himself out of bed in the morning?

Thanks, Strange! My skill at manipulation of the Social Media is not up to Obam-ra standards.

Biden’s TwatStream is slowing down my online blackjack, costing me valuable, very-nearly useful FB points that should be redeemable for fabulous prizes.


I guess Sarah was too busy being outraged by media lies and selling tickets to her movie to ask the President a question.

Nothing makes Peter Daou happy. How does he ever force himself out of bed in the morning?

I suspect it involves his wife, a Glock, lots of shouting and a very long & serious walk until he is fairly certain it is safe to go back home.

Sarah’s working herself up over an item in the Daily Mail? She must be awfully hard up for victim hooks if she’s whining about a lie in the conservative, Obama-slamming Daily Mail.

All the Palinbots and PUMAs who’ve been happily posting DM links for the last three years must be feeling a bit of vertigo.

Oooh, the Daily Mail made something up.  Next outrage:  Weekly World News claims “Bat Boy predicted outcome of Final Four!”

The world is falling apart, but Mama Grizzly Dearest is more concerned with brand management than anything else. No surprise, that.

Nothing makes Peter Daou happy.

That’s ‘Nothing makes Clinton White House Communications Director Peter Daou happy’, bub. And if you don’t believe me, you can take the word of President Clinton’s Special Assistant Sean Wilentz for it.

Yeah, but Sean Wilentz has talent as a serious historian.  Peter Daou is… what exactly does he do for a living except bitch and moan.

Yeah, but Sean Wilentz has talent as a serious historian.

Well, he has his fans. But I could have lived without all of his posing for the lead in the Arthur Schlesinger, Jr biopic.

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