Up Against the Waffle-Cone, Mofos!: Obama Taunts Critics With Creamy, Frozen Black Supremacist Treat

Talk about your “long, hot summer.” H/T to FreeRepublic for hipping me to the latest act of in-your-face black/white divisiveness from our “post-racial” President, who flew all the way to Bar Harbor, Maine—the Watts of New England—just so he could chow-down on a frosty glob of high-butter-fat “White Privilege” served up by the Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream Company, notorious black-fisted purveyors of uppity (or, as they call them, “Fearless”) dairy delights that hate Capitalism and mock the Baby Jesus.

Compliant, running-dog members of the servile MSM described the President’s flavor-of-choice as “cocoanut,” although only a blind Liberal tool would fail to see that as obvious code-speak for “Vanilla Oppressor.” 

Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream’s Facebook page is abuzz with news of the President’s traitorous demonstration of solidarity with a company that flaunts its barbaric commitment to food-prep-Apartheid in plain sight:

If we make a vanilla ice cream, we scrape the beans. If we make chocolate, we use real chocolate chunks.

“We scrape the beans.” Sweet Mother of Forced Reparations! Just wait till Glenn Beck gets his head around that one.

Enlarged graphic of the offensive company logo is provided below the fold, as a courtesy to Tea Party sign-makers. Thanks to YAFB for bringing this whole sordid business of Politically-Charged Food Photography to my attention.

You know, it’s not so much the fist I’m worried about. It’s the spoon that’s got me nervous.

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This post’s title is jam-packed with WIN.

The Indo-Kenyan Uslurper devouring creamy white lusciousness right there on Main Street!

I feel faint. And a little hungry.

There is no end to his homemade, small-batch perfidy, Polly.

And why is he never photographed with a cake cone or a sugar cone? If you bite them, do they not crunch?

This is just a photo-op to make us forget that he has done nothing on glacé-warming!

I’m still waiting to get new specs.

From the pic, I could have sworn that sign read:


I did wonder if we’d descended to snarking on Signwriter’s’ English.*

Never mind.

* Two apostrophes, hedging bets.

* Two apostrophes, hedging bets.

Of course, that should be TWO “s"s and ONE apostrophe, but only on this side of the Atlantic.

Heh—and me with a 70% cataract. I have to get a whole new eye before I even think about glasses.

How Soros of them up there!  Mt. Desert Island, near Bah Hahbah, ME, overlooked by Cadillac Mountain is the perfect foil!

It’s fantastic, really.  Nobody would have thought that Maine, with a white population of 95.3% would hahbah the NBPP.  That Usurper and his cohorts rock!

As we were all reminded in that black radical classic, Soul on Ice Cream—“No custard! No peace!”

Who the fuck cares about the ice cream.  I am reminded by this photograph that POTUS has an absolutely drop dead gorgeous ass.  *THUD*

I never, ever thought I would say such a thing about a POTUS.

Litlebrit, check slide #18.  You could bounce a quarter off it.

Shouldn’t he have gotten one of those half chocolate, half vanilla, soft custard concoctions?

It is simply that secret communist, secret fascist, secret socialist need to consume white ice cream as a symbol of oppressing all those white people in order to please those kenyan secret police directives. Oh, the misery of it all!!!  God help up all!! Before you know it, gays will be eating ice cream too….

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