Urgent Message to the Rumproast and Blogging Communities Concerning StrangeAppar8us - UPDATED X 3

We have a sad and urgent message about our dear friend and Rumproast blogger StrangeAppar8us: for the past ten days, he has been hospitalized and fighting for his life.  He is stabilized now to some degree, but is on a long, difficult road about which nothing is certain but that it will include disability. We wish we could tell you, our wonderful readers and friends, more, but we are committed to honoring Strange’s privacy, which is also the wish of his family. The day after he was hospitalized, I flew to Pennsylvania, accompanied by his friend and Rumproast founder Kevin K. and his lovely wife. Marindenver is here with him now as well.

We will be doing everything we can for Strange, including setting up fundraisers and putting together his work, but for now we have an immediate need for homes for his three cats, most likely permanent homes, though I hope with all my heart someday he may be reunited with at least one. They are all seven years old, spayed and neutered, and I am hoping he may get one back someday, but we have no idea if that will ever happen.

The cats are still in his house, being fed by the neighbors and Mrs. Polly. There are two large, sweet males, Zero and Bill, and Zip, a dainty little female. They are Strange’s babies; he helped their mother give birth to them. We are going to be enlisting help in putting them in carriers, and then they need to go to new homes immediately. By the end of this week, preferably.

Please help us rescue Strange’s kitties. Anyone living in the Pennsylvania area would be ideal, but if it’s necessary to transport them by air, we will do that. I am devastated to have to bear this news to you guys. Our wondrous Strange has been the chiefest jewel in the spectacular bauble that is our jolly little blog. He needs all our combined good wishes, love, and acts of kindness, and there is nothing more important than making sure his “kids” are safely, lovingly housed.

If you are able to take one or more of the cats please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will talk more then.

p.s. We’d greatly appreciate it if some of our friends in the blogging community would link to this post to help get the word out. Many thanks in advance!

UPDATE from marindenver:  Just to clarify, the cats do not have to be adopted together.  Although they get along they are not closely bonded and it would be fine for them to be split up.  We don’t expect anyone to take on 3 cats at once!

UPDATE 2 Looks like we have definite homes for two of the cats.  Still looking for a good home for Zero, a big, black, dopey, sweet neutered male.  Sorry we don’t have pics - would post them if we did.

UPDATE 3 Zero is now situated as well.  Thank you all so much  for your good wishes.  We are conveying everything to Strange as it is posted.  We’re now working on setting up a trust fund for fund raising for Strange’s medical expenses.  We are so appreciative of all your offers to help.  This post is now “unsticky” and normal blogging will resume for the time being.  And again thanks for being such a wonderful and supportive community. 

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Aww geez. I’d wondered about the long absence of Strange and Mrs. Polly, but never expected something as awful as this.

My thoughts and best wishes go to Strange, and my profound thanks and gratitude go to you guys who went to Pittsburgh to help him out.

I would take a couple cats if I could - and I’m not even a “cat person” - but I’m in a strictly ‘no pets’ building. But if you need funds for air transport or whatever, I’m in.

Stay tough Strange!

This is heartbreaking news. I’m so sorry I can’t take one of the cats. Is the Donate button the correct way to contribute or will you have a special button set up just for Strange?

Mrs. Polly—thank you for letting us know.  How heartbreaking.  My prayers are with Strange and his family.

Hi Glix, at this point we do not have a fund raiser set up - just trying to deal with the cats situation which is a little urgent.  We’ll let everyone know when we do.  Very heartbreaking.  Please, everyone, post your good wishes and thought for Strange too and we’ll pass them on when he’s better able to process the news.

I really wish I could help, but we may be trying to find homes for our animals again soon as well. :(

And I’m so sorry with what’s going on with Strange. Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers for a better and quicker recovery than anyone ever expected.

Oh no! Best wishes to Strange for a speedy recovery. I too regret I cannot take any cats (house bursting at the seams with dogs) and I’ll stay tuned for the fundraiser.

Good lord, this is frightening news. My healing thoughts and good wishes go out to Strange, his family and friends.

OMG! I fervently hope Strange will be okay. I need all the liberal (?) intellectual sparring partners I can get. Please keep us posted. Re the cats, have you guys reached out to John Cole? (If we were not about to go away for a while, I would probably take one, though the spouse would probably kill me.)

Please please let Strange be okay….

If you can get one of the kittehs to the Northwest via some trucker coming this way that will take the kitteh, I will be happy to foster/permanent home.  I live out in the county and have one cat at the moment.  Two would make a nice pair.

You can reach me through the link with my name.

Wish I could help with the cats—alas, I’m too far off (Texas) and in a no-pets apartment.

Best wishes for Strange’s recovery—please keep us apprised of how he’s doing and how we can help.

(juggles furious wolverines for Strange’s amusement, gets stabbed with adamantium claws, runs about in hilarious manner)

Re the cats, have you guys reached out to John Cole?

I just posted in the comments over there asking one of the Front Pagers to do a pet bleg for me.  Hopefully John or one of the others will see it.

Thanks, Litlebritdifrnt. I was planning to email John later about it.

I sent an e-mail to AnnieLaurie at Balloon Juice since she usually does the pet posts.

Thanks, Daize.

OMG, I was wondering what was happening. Crap! Sending good karmic thoughts to Strange, who is blessed with great friends. Take care of each other, all of youse guyses.

So very sorry to hear this. Sending my best wishes from the left coast!

FWIW, I tweeted John.

I’m so sorry to hear this.  My best wishes to Strange.  He is blessed to have you as friends.

I wish we could but we already have a house full.

My finger is twitching to start clicking once the donation fund is setup.

You all are fine, fine people to take care of Strange.

We’re all keeping good thoughts—and I am particularly grateful to Mrs. P., Kevin K. and his lovely wife, and Marindenver for all they have done and are doing “on the ground” during this difficult time.

Ah, jeeze. I wondered where he’d got to. I’m so sorry to hear this. Three basenjis prevent me from hosting a cat but I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

I wish I lived closer to offer whatever material help I could.

I live in an apartment, and don’t have room for pets, but I am certainly “pulling” for Strange.

When the fundraiser gets started, please make sure you have a check/money order option for those of us paranoid about using credit cards online.

Can you send him my best, please?  And give him a cuddle for me when you can.

I am so sorry to hear about this.  I do so hope that Strange recovers and is reunited with the cats soon…

Where in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania’s a pretty big state. Can you give a little more granularity on the location?

Ballon-Juicer here, hai gaiz, get well Strange!

Oh, no. :(

Would a contribution on the donate link in the menu bar help you cover cat food and such while you find them homes?

Bless all of you for what you are doing for Strange, who, along with his cats and other family, will be in my thoughts.

Strange lives in Pittsburgh (I’m assuming the cats are still at his house).

So I assume that along with western PA, eastern OH and northern WV (and maybe western NY?) would also be reasonably convenient, perhaps more so than eastern PA.

The front pagers who are on top of this should eventually check in to confirm or correct my assumptions, as the reality of the situation warrants.

Hah, it sez right there in the OP, the cats are at his house.

These senior moments are Teh Suck…

I don’t know what to say, so will simply state, get well soon, Strange. This is very sad news.

Anne Laurie just posted on Balloon Juice.

Comment by J. on 11/15/11 at 05:29 PM

I know quite a few Yinzers (even tho I live 4+ hours from the ‘burg) and I’ve posted it up on my FB wall hoping to get a hit

I am so sorry to hear this… Please get well soon, Strange.

(I forwarded this link to Norman Goldman, who is devoted to animal rescue. Perhaps he will mention this on his show today, or add these kitties to his Buddies in Need list.)

Sorry to hear this, my thoughts and prayers are with Strange and his family.

Oh, no, Strange! I can’t believe this, but you know we’re all pulling for you.

Sorry that I can’t take in any cats right now, but my donation finger is ready and waiting for word!

Oh this is just devastating news.

Such a devastatingly sad news; Strange is one of my favorite bloggers. I am sending him all my positive thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately, I have severe allergy to pets, so I cannot host/adopt any of his babies, but I can donate, when that process starts.

This is sad news indeed. While I rarely comment on this blog, I read it every single day. I’m a friend of Kevin K.‘s and his his amazing wife. I just wanted to let you know I’ve put out feelers to a few friends. My apartment is small and I already have two cats, otherwise I would take them all.

Just a thought, I seem to remember Strange posting at Wonkette occasionally, would it help perhaps to put something over there?  (If no one else is registered with Wonkette let me know and I will do it)

Litlebritdifrnt—Thanks for the suggestion.  I’m registered so I will post the link.  More good wishes and thoughts for Strange can only be good.

Thanks so much for all the positive thoughts and well-wishes for our pal Strange, everyone—and for your efforts to get the word out about the kitties. It means a lot to all of us. You guys are the best.

Get well soon, Strange, my man.  I wish I had something more profound, or at least funny, to say. 

Mrs. P., my apartment doesn’t allow pets.  However, I know a Richmond family that may be looking to adopt in the next few days.  I’ll ask them tonight, and follow up.

So I assume that along with western PA, eastern OH and northern WV (and maybe western NY?) would also be reasonably convenient, perhaps more so than eastern PA.

That’s correct meep but we have some funds available to ship the cats by airplane if the right home is farther out.

A good friend of his visited him in the hospital this evening and he responded well.  Keep the good thoughts coming, everyone.  He really needs them right now.

marindenver—thanks for the update on Strange’s health.  Wish I could take in the kitties.

Marindenver, thans for keeping us updated.

Oh my god!  Poor Strange.  Massive positive vibes whizzing his way.  I will see if I can find anyone in that area to help out.  Hugs and sympathy to the entire Rumproast family.

OMG, this is horrible. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Oh. Just awful.

But amazing & quite touching that you all would fly to his side.

Do not like the sound of “disability,” but that covers much ground, & isn’t, I hope, the end of the world.

I’d volunteer to take the cats, but I’m in L.A. & not sure my studio apartment is large enough for three cats & me. They probably don’t want their family to be further broken up.

I’m so sorry to hear about Strange, I will keep him in my prayers.  It’s so unfair when bad things happen to good people.

No pet situation here as well but I’d be glad to contribute if there can be a non-Paypal option.

Very sad to hear about Strange.  I come here everyday looking forward to his posts.  Please send him my best wishes and hopes for a speedy and complete recovery.  As for the cats, I would be willing to take them if it were not for our Frank having already proven to us that he will not tolerate other cats in the house.

I am so stunned and all I can say he is in my prayers. He is such a an amazing blogger/thinker. I don’t know how we will survive this election without his blogging.

Please hug him for us. Let him know his French Legion exiles are missing and thinking of him.

So sorry—best wishes for recovery, Strange!  I’m on the wrong side of the state, but I hope the kitties get sorted out, too.

How horrible.  I hope he gets well and can be reunited with his kitties. :(


Please get well soon.

Aw, Christ, I wondered what was up but I just assumed burnout. Damn it.

I’ll hit you guys up on that gmail account tomorrow re: what little help I can offer, but just wanted to chime in with the chorus of people thanking you for being there for him.

Tell Strange he’s in my prayers and that I’m sending all my positive energy his way. Laughter being the best medicine and all that.

(((((((( StrangeAppar8us ))))))))

We’re pulling for him.  Get better.  I owe all the Rumpies gratitude, and me and Fate here are going to have a nice long talk about this.

Best prayers for a speedy and complete recovery for Strange and a tip of the fleece-lined hat from Anchorage to all of the Roasters pitching in. I’ll donate for kitty food and travel, or hospital stuff (I don’t think they call what they serve food). I can’t have cats (husband allergic) but I’ll keep kitty lovers in my thoughts.

Get well soon, Strange. It was really a shock to hear about your health. You are an amazing person, Strange.

Strange, sending excellent vibes your way.  Perseverance furthers.  We’re out here holding you in our thoughts.

(I can’t do dick for the cats: the wife and I live with three dogs, and I’m allergic to felines.)

Send up a flare for contributions when it’s right, Mrs. P.

We miss you Strange! Here’s hoping for a full recovery.

Offering myself as a last resort.  I have a cat that does not like others, but have a guest room that could keep the kitties separate for a while.  Am willing to drive to PA from NY.

Hey y’all, so sorry to hear this!

I’ve sent a missive out to the greater Truth Wins Out community. Keeping you all, and especially strange, in my thoughts.


Good thoughts for strange. Wish I could offer more, but if those who are near him could let him know he’s in our thoughts all of us out here in roasterland would appreciate it.

I’m sorry to hear this.  Best wishes.

Good thoughts for strange. Wish I could offer more, but if those who are near him could let him know he’s in our thoughts all of us out here in roasterland would appreciate it.

I second that and echo all the other heartfelt well wishes for Strange’s health & recovery and a big thanks to you Roasters who’ve been able to travel to be by his side and help out.  Please continue to keep us posted on what you can.

Strange is truly one of my favorite bloggers and although we’ve never met in person, I view him as a kindred spirit and am deeply hoping for the best in whatever recovery he’s facing.

Eeesh, here’s hoping things go well for you, Strange, and that you will be alright.

How sad. Hope Strange makes a speedy and complete recovery. Best wishes.

I believe Strange could use a good puppy massage (via BoingBoing)

Comment by Rihilism on 11/16/11 at 08:55 AM

@Mrs. P.: My friends have had to delay their plans to adopt.  Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I’m out in The Heartland(!), so probably too far away for kitty adoption, but please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help out.

Positive vibes to ya, my strange brother from another mother!

Sending good wishes to Strange. He’s a fixture here and is already missed. Here’s hoping for strength and patience for him and all who care for him.

So sorry to hear about Strange.  I hope everything will be okay.  He is one of my favorites. 

As for the cats, if you need help transporting them (if you can’t fly them), I can help anywhere around NC/SC/GA.  Or you can look into a rescue—they may be able to either take the cats themselves or hook you up with potential adopters.

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery from the other side of the political river. I will be linking in.

Oh no! What would the world be without Strange Apparatuses? Best Wishes, Strange! For the best recovery possible, and for your future life!

Awful news!  I’ve already got nine felines here in Massachusetts, so can’t offer to take any of the orphans, but get that donation button set up and I’ll do as much as I can there.

Heartfelt wishes for a good outcome for all!

What a shock.

Hope the kitties get homes today!

I just posted on my blog.

Love and and the quickest speedy recovery wishes going out to you!


Pat, thanks, for writing that post about Strange. It was really nice of you.

No problem Kevin. There are some things that are bigger than partisan politics.

I am, after all, a former Democratic Party voter, who’s not to thrilled with whom our side is running against Obama.

...and too, I do have a heart.

Best wishes to the man, and hopes for a speedy, thorough recovery.

My best wishes for Strange, and I’ll repost on Facebook for new homes for his cats.

Sending good vibes to Strange and hopes that he gets better.

I e-mailed about this, but I thought I’d reiterate here that I could take one of the cats if there were a way to work out transportation. I’m in Madison, Wisc., and I could do a pick up within a three-hour drive (that would include Chicago). We lost our cat last winter, but we’re finally ready emotionally and logistically to bring a new one in to remind my dog that cats are in charge—which means that Strange’s cat would have to be ok with dogs (my dog’s fine with them since she was raised with one; for the next month or so I’ll still be taking care of a friend’s dog who can be a little reactive, but he’s blind and slow and can’t really do much but bark at it). I can help out with some of the bill, but money’s tight and much of my extra resources in cash and time are devoted to getting rid of our dictatorial Governor Dead Eyes.

Good thoughts to Strange.  I live too far away to adopt the kitties, but as soon as there is a way to donate, I’ll be glad to contribute.  It’s the least I can do.  Get better Strange!

Oh this hurts; I love Strange.  Please get better; we are all pulling hard for you. 

I so hope we can find homes for his babies.  Mine won’t allow other cats, which is why we ended up with her since she rejected her first rescue home for having cats other than her.  I will do all I can when we the donation method is implemented, and I so wish I could do more for them and of course for Strange. 

My sincere thanks to all the professional Roasters who have come to Strange’s aide physically and mentally; bless you all.  This place has become the place where I feel at home, and the efforts of everyone here, poster or lurker, is why that has happened.  Come home soon Strange, your extended family needs you.

Strange, I just want to wish you the best and hope you’re back to Roasting ASAP.  Sorry you’re going through this.

I don’t know anyone in that part of the country, so I’m sorry, can’t help with the cat adoption.

I really wish I could as I am in Maryland but I have 4 already, two with starting to exhibit kidney dysfunction. I will be happy to contribute to any fund raising efforts.

Where in PA, I will post on my facebook page and hope someone steps up.  If it comes to a choice between adopting a cat and moving forward to crazy cat lady territory and something worse I have changed my mind. My email is njmemail @ verizon . net. Since I have cats who used to interacting with other cats adopting a cat that is the same wouldn’t be too bad.

Thank you, acrannymint, we’re talking Pittsburgh. Will email you shortly.

Let me know the sex of the cats. In my experience the neutered males have always been more cuddly than spayed females.  I have two of each.  Also pics would help

so sorry to hear about this.  strange’s work on the japanese earhtquake aftermath & the fukushima meltdown was my go-to source for info on that event.

my good wishes to strange, and please keep me updated on any fundraisers you will have.

You might want to post pictures of the cats.

I’m so sorry to hear this—and just want to say I’m thinking about Strange and hoping for the best.  Please let him know I think his work has been awesome.

Thank you, MB. Strange was really jazzed to have you as a playmate.
Any faculty members you know need a large, sluggish, cat?

@ acrannymint:  You just need to accept your crazy cat lady status with dignity and grace.  I know whereof I speak, as I am gladly adding little Zip to the four I already have.

I’m glad you’ve found homes for two of the cats and wish you luck in finding one for Zero.  I’d take him as he sounds just like Baby Gee (our cat) but I definitely live too far away unfortunately.

Hope you’re healing up, Strange, old bean.

Albert King cheers me up in hard times.  Here’s some for Strange, and for RumperLand, too.

Comment by Lowkey on 11/17/11 at 05:20 PM

Since Zero is black and white he will fit with my two tuxedos and large he will fit with my two huge males (one is at least part Maine Coon)

Terrible news. Wishing StrangeAppar8us a full and speedy recovery.

This is so sad. Strange, I wish for nothing but a quick recovery for you, and that you can be reunited with your kitties soon.

Thank you to the Roasters who have gone to be with him. Yours is an amazing act of friendship.

Thought of Strange as soon as I read these posts regarding she who will “Never Be Willard Romney’s Inflatable Elitist Healthcare Passion-Toy”

http://tbogg.firedoglake.com/2011/11/18/wingnut-lady -going-galt-because-you-know-obama/


Jeebus H. Christ on a raft.  “Bacon bookmarks” indeed.

Comment by daize on 11/18/11 at 05:56 PM

Just wanted to also say that I check here each day for updates on Strange and the kitties.  Thank you all for everything you’ve done to help Strange and his family.  You all are wonderful.

Hey daize, thanks for the comments, especially the 4:56pm post. It inspired me to look up Strange’s original Crazy Ann post, and leave it in Basset Dude’s comments.

I meant to comment earlier, but was on a network that didn’t permit it. I see someone tried to fix the URL for your first post, but they left out the first colon. Correct link here.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 11/19/11 at 04:21 AM

Woohoo, Zero!
Thanks so much to you folks for helping Strange.  I love you all (and not in that creepy way that has been the source of so many complaints).

I see someone tried to fix the URL for your first post, but they left out the first colon.

Thanks for pointing that out, meep. Fixed, because you can never have too many links to a Strange post.

Big thanks also to all of you who helped spread the word in blog comments in various places and other media. It’s much appreciated.

meep and YAFB—thanks for fixing the link to Strange’s post.

I’m glad all the cats have homes now.  All the best to Strange as usual.

To all Strange’s admirers, friends and supporters. I’ve just returned from a four-day pilgrimage to see my friend, Strange. He’s doing much better. In the two fleeting days of my short visit, he seems to have made amazing progress. He faces an incredible challenge for his recovery, but is becoming increasingly more capable of facing that task with every day that passes. He will get well.  I’m sure.

Thanks kre8tr. Just from comment exchanges, it was apparent you guys are personally acquainted in real life. It’s good you were able to visit him, and report his progress here.

kre8tr, adding my thanks as well for the update on Strante’s progress.

My thanks too, kre8tr.  I continued to be surprised at how emotionally invested I am with the welfare of complete strangers and their pets.  Geez, I’ve sobbed my brains out for every one of TBogg’s lost companions.

Kre8tor, that is wonderful news!  Thanks for sharing.  I’ve had Strange and his kitties in my mind ever since we heard (read) the news here. 

Have the kitties made it to their new homes yet?  I know this is a bit sappy, but can the adopters tell us how things are going for the adoptees?

String, the kitties are still hanging out at Strange’s place - we’re working with some cat rescue specialists to collar them and transfer to a neighbor’s home for a day or so to get them to a vet for updated vaccinations then off to the new homes.  (The poor babies are pretty freaked out by all that has happened and not inclined to trust the strangers tramping around their house even if they are refilling cat food dishes and providing catnip treats!)

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