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So.  Here we are, swearing in the 113th Congress which is expected to be just about as partisan, obstructive and do-nothing as the history-making 112th Congress. 

Due to the modern miracle of gerrymandering (similar to the worst team in the NFL getting the first draft pick), Republicans are reading their death grip on the House majority as an electoral mandate of some sort. 

God knows what “sort,” because every poll in the kingdom proclaims the GOP’s overall suckiness and the American people’s weariness with them.  We are now stuck with them until 2014 (or the GOP’s demise, whichever comes first).

Just to demonstrate Republicans’ commitment to staying the same party Americans love to loathe, here’s the transitional agenda so far . . .

Despite the spanking they received in the presidential election, despite their lack of any leverage, whatsoever, in re expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts, and despite the fact that the Sword of Sequestration has been dangling, idly, for ages during which they obviously had time on their hands because “look Ma, no legislation”—these losers came to the table with nothing, and dragged their decision-making to support somebody else’s “something” past the eleventh hour, spitting and hissing every inch of the way, to do just what everyone with half a brain knew they had to do.

Not satisfied with drawing prolonged national attention to their internal dysfunction, when they were forced to vote for a tax hike, the insufferable sock-puppet, Grover decided to add an extra dollop of melodrama by pronouncing a one-time “Free.I.P” for anyone who voted yes.

Meanwhile, Republicans were so bummed out by the reality of their predicament that they took their ball and went home without voting on Hurricane Sandy relief funding, drawing some serious friendly fire from the rest of the-gang-that-can’t-shoot-straight.

Another victim of the GOP’s legislative pout was the Violence Against Women Act which, after 18 years, they allowed to expire without a vote.  The VAWA bill passed by the Senate has been sitting around since last April, waiting for the House Republicans to find a moment in their busy schedules to amend the bill.  See, they could have just passed it but they held it up for a rewrite because they really hate that it includes provisions about women of whom the GOP doesn’t approve, like: lesbians, Native Americans and undocumented immigrants.  Guess they never got around to writing the Violence Against White Women Act in time.

Emboldened by his own epic fail, Speaker Boehner has put the President on notice that he no longer cares to go mano a mano with him.  Here’s hoping that the President responds with a hearty “Go fuck yourself, John” as Boehner seems to understand communications at that level, best.

OK.  So, they did actually manage to take care of a little bit of business in the nick of time—here’s what the GOP crackpots spent their (meaning our) valuable legislative time on:

. . . during a closed-door meeting of the House Republican Conference, lawmakers gave a green light to including language in the 113th Congress rules package that authorizes the House legal team, known as the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG), to keep paying outside counsel to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

The proposed House rules package also states that BLAG continues to “speak for” the House in its defense of DOMA.

So much for reining in “big gubmint spending.”  As of October, 2012, the House majority has already paid private counsel $2 million to defend a pretend law that lower Federal courts have consistently found unconstitutional.  My Gran used to call that “throwing good money after bad.”  She thought people who do it were really, really dumb.  Maybe it doesn’t count if you’re throwing someone else’s money?

It’s not too early, people, to plan on cleaning Our House out and getting rid of these embarassing charlatans once and for all.  More Democrats, than Republicans, voted for House represesentatives in the most recent election but, due, once again, to the magic of gerrymandering, it wasn’t enough.  We need, in 2014, to mobilize an historic midterm wave of Democratic and Independent voters to give these bad actors a serious time out.  Only then will the GOP truly reassess its direction.

For my money, I think Charlie Pierce has the right idea for a good start:

It is time—indeed, it is past time—for the “concerns” of maniacs to be ignored, and the maniacs themselves to be marginalized. It is time for some federal money to certain congressional districts to start drying up. It’s time for some legislative courtesies to be denied. It is time for some serious application of Article II to the melons of certain members of Congress. It is time for the vandals to be rolled. The first step in that process is for Democrats, including the president, to start calling things for what they are, and calling people for who they are.

You know how Republicans have a habit of repeating and repeating stuff until they can’t be convinced otherwise?  I think it’s time that those who talk and those who write start repeating, over and over, “these time-wasting, empty-headed, greedy self-serving scoundrels HAVE GOT TO GO.”

Who knows? stranger things have happened . . .


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“these time-wasting, empty-headed, greedy self-serving scoundrels HAVE GOT TO GO.”

Annnnd we’re off.

Comment by Lowkey on 01/03/13 at 04:58 PM

Thanks @Lowkey, I needed a good excuse to tweet something abusive to that ridiculous bimbo.

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