Use Your Words, Please, GOP


Well.  We’re not quite a month beyond Republican Obamageddon: The Sequel and it would appear that the GOP’s lip-quivering, angst-y period of brutal self-assessment has been completed, in record time, and—guess what? no changes are necessary, there’s nothing wrong with Republicans, it’s the rest of the world that’s fked up.

That’s right.  They’re going full gonzo doubledown and as Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo predicts: “There Will Be Hilarity . . .”

Roger that.  There already is . . .

For example, we’ve had the week-long Willard “Mitt” Romney National Pity Party including a tear-stained piece in the Washington Post describing a haggard Mitt riding his bike aimlessly through the quiet streets of La Jolla, while Ann stays inside weeping in private.  Evidently, she won’t even budge to hop on her dancing horse (Rafalca, likewise, is said to be sulking in her stall, seriously off her feed).

We have photos of Mitt pumping his own gas, for Pete’s sake, without any Secret Service to take a bullet for him and, then, there’s the sad, sad Cratchitt-y tale of the Romney’s Boston Market Thanksgiving dinner.  (Actually, I would have taken the Romney’s for Chick-Fil-A folks . . .)


Even the President must have felt bad about that and shared the White House Thanksgiving leftovers—Turkey Chili—at the official Winners/Losers lunch last week.  An unconfirmed source also reports that dessert was compliments of the “Pennsylvania Cookie Baker” from the campaign trail.  Evidently the Obama’s felt bad for her after Mitt dissed her cookies, bought up a few caseloads and are now serving them at WH functions.


Some of Mitt’s CEO buddies have visited Casa Romney, in La Jolla, and shared their impressions with the press because—why not?  One of those buds is John Miller, a meatpacking magnate (yes, Virginia, there are meatpacking magnates) who co-chaired Romney’s finance committee and owns the beach house next door (small world, isn’t it?).

John says:

He’s not a poor loser. He’s not crying on anybody’s shoulders. He’s not blaming anybody. He’s doing a lot of personal introspection about the whole process — and I’m not even sure that’s healthy. There’s nothing you can do about it now.

Not blaming anybody? Really? John?

Miller also shared a little story that is an encouraging sign that the legendary Romney “humor” is still intact:

Romney wrote to Miller, who has been out of town, that Miller’s La Jolla house (next-door to the Romney’s)
was “a mess” from an ongoing renovation project and that “nobody was working.”

“He was pulling my leg,” Miller said.

That Mitt! still a card . . .

On the Active Duty front, John “Agent Orange” Boehner has already staged several theatrical outbursts over the preposterousness of President Obama doing what he promised to do during his campaign.  Boehner has also promised to turn any negotiation over the debt limit into a hostage situation.  I guess because that worked so well for Republicans the last time?

Lindsey Graham has also chimed in, warning that the sky is falling we’re going over the fiscal cliff, to a collective yawn.  Someone ought to clue these guys into the fact that fear-mongering only works on people who are afraid.  Republicans don’t seem to get it, yet, that the only thing Obama’s (majority) constituency is “afraid” of is that Obama will go too easy on Republicans.

Allen West has promised that we haven’t seen the last of him while comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln on a recent NPR interview.

Rick Santorum has signed on to WingNutDaily WorldNetDaily’s slate of commentators as an “exclusive columnist.” Santorum’s column will appear on WND every Monday.  And you’ll just have to find it yourself because there’s no way on God’s green Earth that I’m providing a link to that wingnutty insult-to-intelligence rag, here.


Of course, we also have Grover Norquist’s recent tantrums and his threat that there is a New Even-More-Awesome TEA Party waiting in the wings to not tax you forever.  This new TEA Party is going to be rougher and tougher and will teach Libtards a thing or two, I tell you!

I suspect that Grover has fallen victim to those curious GOP internal polls because, as the rest of the world knows, compliments of Gallup et al, the current kinder, gentler TEA Party that we currently have is at its lowest all-time popularity rating.


And finally, the Republican pledge to cure its “female problems“appears to be Dead on Arrival.  Like so many other Republican “problem areas,” they are quickly concluding that there really isn’t a problem outside of messaging.  Big name Republicans have already said they don’t need to budge on the party’s opposition to abortion rights to win over women but, rather, “be more careful with its words” on the subject (because, as we all know, women are suckers for nice words and care more about sweet talk than controlling their own bodies).

For example, Bobby Jindal, the Republican Governor of Louisiana and speculative presidential candidate in 2016 says:

We don’t need to pander or change our principles, but at the same time, we can be respectful.

Speaker Boehner got right to work, after the recess, and filled all of his House chairs from his binders full of white dudes.  When he started receiving flack on that, he quickly appointed Candice Miller (R-MI) to be “Head of Housekeeping” (House Administration Committee) overseeing womanly tasks like House internal budgets and event planning.


Also, this week, Sandra Fluke was nominated as a contender for Time’s Person of the Year, setting off another eruption of venom on the right over an accolade she never asked to receive.

And of course, there was Mitt Romney’s parting shot about women selling their votes for the “gifts” of abortion choice and free contraceptives.

Republicans show few signs of moving much on appealing to women voters which could be a big problem if Hillary Clinton, in fact, is planning to run in 2016 as some insiders suggest.

If the Republican Party insists on this self-destructive path, I wish them a hearty “Cheerio,” but I certainly would enjoy a respite from the whining and grizzling that passes for “party introspection” lately.

If it’s really want you want, just own it, boys and girls.


Just received the heartening news that Mitt Romney has leapt back into the saddle and re-upped at Marriott International, rejoining the board of directors for a third time, the company announced on Monday.

Romney previously served on the board of Marriott International from 1993 until 2002, when he left to mount a successful run for Massachusetts governor. He rejoined the company after an unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2008, again serving on the board from January 2009 to January 2011, when he stepped down in order to mount a second White House campaign.

Guess its kind of a tradition . . .



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I thought I’d be tired of schadenfreud by now, but nope; still enjoying every second!

I thought I’d be tired of schadenfreud by now, but nope; still enjoying every second!

Roger, that @SoS!

We don’t need to pander or change our principles, but at the same time, we can be respectful.

They can add it to the GOP platform. Then when people notice what rude neanderthals they are, they can say, “Nuh-uh! See, it’s written right here that we are respectful.”

Well, you bastards can laugh all you want at Mitt, and Ricky and Grover “I really need to fucking shave” Norquist, but you’ll never stop ORLY TAITZ, who was back in court in Orange County.

“I would like to take credit for a spectacular job preparingpapers and going down to the Orange County Superior Court and arguing this caseand getting sanctions, but I honestly believe a rhesus monkey could have beatenMs. Taitz and got a sanction award based on the awful lack of merit to thesubpoena itself,” Ritt said. “And the case itself, from what I could tell,seems just ludicrous on its face.”

Comment by HumboldtBlue on 12/03/12 at 04:14 PM

@HBlue She’s the EverReady Bunny of Mania.

Whew, truly a breath-taking panorama of GOP suckiness.

I may have to sample Santorum’s regular brain-droppings, though.  Trying to figure out his major malfunction is a pet project of mine.

@Vixen I understand his first offering is about the government conspiracy to destroy his daughter.  He should fit in quite nicely with his new crew.

I know they claim that picture of Mitt gassing up his car is just Willard in casual Friday mode but I cannot get over the impression that he slept in that shirt.  Combined with visions of Annie sobbing in her bedroom with the door locked and telling them to go F theirselves when they said “but, but what about the turkey Mom??” I have to confess I never knew schadenfreude could taste THIS delicious!

there’s the sad, sad Cratchitt-y tale of the Romney’s Boston Market Thanksgiving dinner.

To me, the main takeaway from this is that the Romneys, for all their wealth, are utterly unsophisticated people.  Reading this article, I had to laugh- surrounded by the trappings of money, Romney is drinking Diet Pepsi instead of an eighteen-year Scotch.  He’s a guy with a Dom Perignon budget, but Pepsi taste.  His family, even with its wealth, is banal… they’re basically the Boregias.

(Actually, I would have taken the Romney’s for Chick-Fil-A folks . . .)

I dunno- wrong sect.  The Chic-Fil-A people are Bible-believin’ fundies, I’m sure they now have no use for Mormon Mitt.

Romney wrote to Miller, who has been out of town, that Miller’s La Jolla house (next-door to the Romney’s)
was “a mess” from an ongoing renovation project and that “nobody was working.”

“He was pulling my leg,” Miller said.

Typical Romney humor- he could have gotten someone fired with this assholery.  I hope he gets a really bad case of piles.

Without going into detail, I have a friend who has kids that go to the same private school as the guy who owns WorldNutDaily.  We were once again chuckling over the happy election results, where I was also informed that the guy and his family very suddenly took the kids out of school and went to New Zealand for 2 weeks before the election; people that knew him well had serious doubts that they were going to return to the US if Mitt lost. 

Typical wingnut blowhard though; they came back and have had not a thing to say about their sudden, school-interrupting “vacay”.

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