Veepstakes 2012: Some Just Come Out and Say “No.”

There’s a pretty good article I just read regarding the Veepstakes that reminded me of one of the bigger issues Romney might face in picking a running mate—some of the better picks just don’t want the job.  Among people who’ve indicated they aren’t interested in being a running mate: IN Gov. Mitch Daniels, former FL Governor Jeb Bush, NJ Governor Chris Christie, and FL Sen. Marco Rubio.  That’s an interesting collection of “no’s”, having a pretty good overlap with the pool of people that GOP voters kinda-sorta wanted to run in this primary instead of the choices they got.

The reason for all these “no’s”? My guess is because they are plausible candidates who simply like the odds of going anywhere with a run better in 2016, and don’t want a disaster of a run this year to mar their reputation. There’s something to be said for waiting. This is especially true for Sen. Rubio, the youngster in the group, who not only has plenty of time but reason to believe his chances are better once he has more experience.  But also, I note that endorsements of Romney are less-than-enthusiastic—running with him might also sound like a huge bummer to anyone interested in successful campaign. 

Some of these politicians might be interesting to check out anyway, since we’ll probably be looking at their mugs in August 2015, somewhere in a diner in Podunk, Iowa, trying to look their electable best into a crowd of cameras and at jaded corn farmers—but they said “No.” And really, I don’t want to explain all the issues I have with the seriousness that Serious People treat Mitch Daniels, or speculate about Gov. Christie’s need to translate his personality better to people outside the Garden State. There will be time for that.

Also, part of me doubts we’ll really ever hear from Jeb Bush again as a candidate—if he were the smarter brother, he’d have done his damnedest to run for President before W.

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I don’t think Jeb will ever run either, but he definitely is the smarter brother. It was just his bad luck that Governor Lawton Chiles kicked his ass the first time the Bush family tried to purchase the FL governorship, and so he was behind Little Boots on the Bush family bench. He probably figured Little Boots would lose in 2000 (and he was right, actually) and that it would be his turn to run in 2004. Didn’t work out for him.

If The Don had passed over Michael in favor of Fredo, the fictional Corleone crime family would have been in the same state the real Bush crime family is now: discredited and irrelevant.

RE: Christie and Rubio—I’m not 100% convinced they would really say no if Romney offered them the VP job despite their previous denials. I think Christie would be a disaster as his Jersey bully boy act doesn’t travel well, as you pointed out.

I think Daniels will stay off the ticket because of family issues. Maybe Susana Martinez? Or maybe Romney will go the safe and boring route and pick someone like Portman.

Shorter everyone who has already said ‘no’: “the stink of fail is too hard to get off, so keep it to yourself, Mr. Magic Underwear.” 

Natalie Portman would never run with Romney.  Surely she’s a Dem.  Plus, a Mormon and a Jew?  Snap out of it.

I’m going to devote a little time to Martinez and Rob Portman in my next edition.

For Chris Christie, I’ve covered why he didn’t run for president this year here. I put him in the “more likely to want a 2016 run without pre-vetting as a veep candidate” category. 

Rubio, on the other hand, strikes me as possibly less likely to want to be a running mate this year because of the Palin example—just because Rubio might benefit Romney’s campaign, doesn’t mean that a run will do a thing for Rubio.

Rubio’s “No” may really be a “Well….OK”; if he runs next to Mittens he looks great by comparison, and nobody would blame him for losing.

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