Virginia Implements “Tag & Release” Tracking Program for Potential Domestic Terrorists

The Virginia House recently passed legislation introducing a new alternative license plate design that will enable drivers in all 50 states to quickly identify vehicles operated by possibly unbalanced individuals in the possession of concealed firearms and an unread pocket copy of the Constitution.

The runner-up plate design, which featured the slogan “If You’re Close Enough to Read This, You’re a Gawddamn Commie Kenyan Muslophile,” was rejected by a narrow vote as “a safety hazard for slow readers and the near-vision impaired.”

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I just walked our dog in the neighborhood today and someone had a giant version of this flag hanging off their front porch. I wanted to ask them if they got it because all of the “I’m a Gigantic Dick” flags were sold out.

I have a neighbor who flies the Coiled Turd.

Perhaps this will motivate him to move to VA.

New slogan, “Virginia is for Haters.”

Given that the official state motto is “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” this one is actually a tad over-friendly.

dang, and all these years I’ve been thinking our logo was the half-nekkid lady stepping on the chest of the possibly passed-out guy in a toga.  I didn’t get the memo saying we’d changed to the slinky snake.  I need to pay more attention.  Thanks to Rumproast for the heads up.

Moving it to the license plate from the flag sort of negates its intended meaning: “I’m so low I have to look up to see a snake.”

Not a done deal yet, not by a long shot:

Once the bill is passed by the general assembly and signed into law by the Governor the plate will become available. 350 prepaid applications are needed to establish this plate in the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

From the DMV form:

The entire special license plate process could take up to two years depending on the direction of the sponsor. It generally takes about nine months to develop a new plate once the 350 prepaid applications are collected.

In other words, send us your cash for this license plate that doesn’t exist now and may never exist. If you get impatient waiting for your new plate, it’s the gubbermint’s fault! (Sorry, no refunds.)

One of my favorite photos from yesterday’s rally: -sanity-omg-snake.jpg

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