Wait ... What? ... Sophie B. *Who*?

Sophie B. Hawkins jumps over Obama’s bus, but unfortunately most of her pants don’t make it.

According to The Hill the political opinions of a washed-up adult-contemporary pseudo-hippy qualify as “news.”  Has anyone checked in with other one-hit wonders from the 90’s like Right Said Fred or Lou Bega?:

Singer Sophie B. Hawkins told The Hill on Thursday that “America’s being thrown under the bus” by President Barack Obama as he presses forward with his agenda and comes under criticism for his response to the Gulf oil spill. [...]

The singer campaigned on the trail with Hillary Rodham Clinton during her presidential campaign, and told The Hil from her tour bus that she “never believed in [Obama’s] philosophy”—which she said runs contrary to her beliefs in “smaller government, smart government, flexible government.”

“I think the writing was on the wall,” Hawkins said. “I honestly couldn’t believe so many people were into him.”

She describes herself as a centrist who’s identified with the Democratic and Green parties, but said even though she’s never been Republican she wouldn’t cross that vote off the list if the right leader came along.

In fact, she’s open to a Republican Congress.

“I want the Congress that really is going to listen to the people,” she said. “I really don’t care what party it is anymore.”

Hawkins said she attended a Tea Party rally in Santa Monica, Calif., that was “mostly all Democrats.”

“The Tea Parties are only here because people are not listening,” she said.

The singer said she viewed the government’s attitude as “arrogant” and said people are hungry for leaders who will “take us in a direction that’s truly American.”

Hawkins also complained that Obama doesn’t make her feel like moving her life up another level:

...or, as someone commented at YouTube, inspire her to dance like your grandmother.

UPDATE: Surprise! Big Hollywood loves her. If you watch the second Fox & Friends clip after the 7:30 mark, you’ll see why ... because she’s an idiot.

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Damn, I wish you weren’t a racist.

Sorry, but someone had to say it.

Frankie Says STFU.

So it sounds like Ms. Sophie B. fits the PUMA profile—an idiotic self-absorbed woman who never knew anything about politics and couldn’t have named a female politician with a gun to her head until someone with “star power” came along to “inspire” her. And the celebutainment factor was obviously all she ever cared about in her candidate, since no one who actually KNOWS anything about Hillary Clinton could believe that she represents “smaller government” or anything else on the Tea Party agenda. Including gay rights, and I seem to remember that Ms. Hawkins is at least gay for pay.

Those of us who have been paying attention and working on progressive and feminist issues for decades will happily escort you under the bus, moron.

Oh, dear.  She’s horrible.  I had blocked all of her music out of my mind.


The singer said she viewed the government’s attitude as “arrogant” and said people are hungry for leaders who will “take us in a direction that’s truly American.”

What is a direction that is truly American?  Jesus effin’ Christ, if I hear some such crap about “real Americans” or “true Americans” or “truly American” I’ll spit on someone.

I guess she also thinks Obama’s a bit “uppity,” too.

Oblo FTW!

Just watched the videos. She truly is the dumbest human being I’ve ever seen on this side of the talking clown-head at Big-Top Burger.

I have a nightmarish recollection of seeing her on Letterman singing her…hit and a cringe-inducing interview afterwards. (Letterman’s not known for coaxing intellect from a dry well.) I’d put it down to drugs, but perhaps that was not the cause of the dithering at all.

It could be worse. She could be Victoria Jackson:

http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/vjackson/2010/06/0 9/im-mad-at-christians/

Comment by Frank Stone on 06/14/10 at 06:49 PM

Can a Jackson/Hawkins duet be in our future?

What Frank Stone said.

No one—and I state this as a metaphysical absolute, beyond debate—is as stupid as Victoria Jackson.  Which is not to say that Hawkins isn’t mind-crushingly stupid in her own way.

What Oblo said. Sweet baby Jeebus in the manger…how about moving your intellect up a level? There I said!

@Frank Stone - thanks a lot!  I clicked on that link and now I am desperately trying to wash all the stupid out of my brain before the rot sets in.  Does Victoria Jackson really think Bush was running against Clinton?  And, yes, Jesus would so totally be against health care reform.  Thanks for clarifying that point Vickie.

Wait, I’m confused. When did Edie Brickell change her name?

God damn, I forgot how much I hated that song. It was the one of the first times I ever completely hated something. I guess, in a way, it helped prepare me for the Bush administration.

I think Ole Sophist B. Bad ran out of time—she clearly meant to turn that rainbow boa she’s sporting in the “Look ma, no pants” pic into a wig and pair it with John 3:16 on a placard.

Dear friends, if you ever hear me say I support a politician because he or she makes me want to live my life on a higher level, please hunt me down and put me out of my misery. Or at least slap the shit out of me. Thanks in advance.

It’s too bad that Sophie B. is the sort of minor celeb that only PUMAs and Breitbart know about, because she’s begging to be parodied.

Hillary would have plugged the hole with her dharma; it’s like PUMA Krazy Glue!

BTW, here’s video of the Santa Monica tea party Sophie attended that was “mostly all Democrats.”

Shit, I live within 30 miles of the People’s Republic of Boulder, and this kind of aging hippie chick raise-your-chakra gotta-new-guru crap (with a slight lisp) is old hat in these parts.  They are the center of their universe, and of no consequence in anyone else’s.

What IS IT with these weirdos whose party catastrophically lets them down on one issue- and they automatically believe the opposition party won’t?

Dan, that is in fact the million-dollar question.

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