Wallstock! Gallery: Foley Square

Yes, a great upheaval has been upheaving right practically on the Polly metaphorical doorstep~a huge improvement from what happened on my actual doorstep every Saturday night when I lived in the Village~but any old hoo, here are pictures of it! I’ll be posting them in dribs and drabs as I recover from the clouds of earnestness that roll over Zucotti Park every time I go. All the manifold possibility in the air, the bright eyes of the idealistic youths~they so sap a snarky person’s energies.

Impure and hardened individual that I am, I’ve tried to compensate for my aversion to chanting “hey hey ho ho” by taking the kids clean socks and spare umbrellas. I don’t know if I’m warming Libertarian toes or sheltering Anarchists, but how else can one little Obot co-opt this burgeoning movement?

In these troubled times, who cares if this natty fellow is wearing his boater past Labor Day? Not the tens of thousands of honest laborers surrounding him!

FiDi Locked Down
Starting out before the demonstration, the Financial District was thoroughly locked down. Here are some of those Wall Street barricades that people are forever storming when I am not around. Evidently I have a quietening effect on newsworthy behavior.

What time was it? Downtown Tiffany’s says, ten minutes to protest time! Also, those little Elsa Peretti bottle necklaces are sweet!
Tiffany Time

union boy
Awwwww, the little Marxist in red is so CUUUUTE, we barely have the stomach to call him a union thug-in-training! This was the horrifying, gangsterlike Union contingent gathering outside City Hall for the march up Broadway.

Hey, Diogenes, that's Cassandra's schtick!
Diogenes had problems: “Nobody knows who the fuck I am,” he complained. “I do stand-up,” he said. Then you should have known better than to steal Cassandra’s act, Mr. “Honest Man Is Hard To Find!”  Bill Hicks will haunt you!

Yes, there were plenty of these in the crowd. As they with their HoverRounds….



Outside of the city Health, Hospitals, and Sanitation Building.

Soshulism For Reals

All American Hot Dog Scene


Was there ever any doubt that somebody would bring along a Che banner?

If You See Something

Why Mr. Wolf, what long, elegant fingers you have!
Not sure who this is supposed to be, and s/he was deeply involved in texting, so this intrepid reporter took a powder!

Socialist or Communist Sex Workers
From each according to her/his ability, to each according to his/her need?

Brace yourself, Hamptons.



The rally filed peacefully out of Foley Square as the late afternoon sun made the three police helicopters whirring overhead gleam like dragonflies. Yr. intrepid reporter headed home, remarking to a mounted cop in passing, “That went well!”


“Yeah, no problem!” he said cheerfully. At about that time, naturally, ten or so blocks south, a small band of protesters decided to rush the Wall Street barricades and got pepper-sprayed.  How many of them were CODOOFUSPRO is yet to be determined.

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Great job, Mrs. P!

Re: Diogenes—as reprinted in Sheldon Patinkin’s 2000 backstage history, The Second City, the following blackout sketch was performed there in the early 60s.

A man in ancient garb enters a fairly darkened stage carrying a lit lantern and looking around. He knocks on a door. It’s opened by another man, also in ancient garb.

Man 2: Who are you? What do you want?
Man 1: I am Diogenes. I’m looking for an honest man.

Man 2: (As he reaches toward the lantern) Oh yeah? What’re you doing with my lantern?

Diogenes looks embarrassed as the lights black out.

thank you for that, Oblo~ and for the blackout sketch about lanterns, too.

I like “If you see something, say something.”

Sex workers v. capitalism might cause some sleepless nights as well.

HTP, I figure the sex workers could bring down some Wall Street titans just by publicizing their client rolodexes, complete with preferences.

Well I’m apparently even more impure and hardened than you are since my brain read “...by taking the kids clean socks and spare umbrellas…” as “by taking the kids’ clean socks and spare umbrellas….” One little punctuation mark of difference and suddenly, wow, that’s cold.

Gyad, in that one frame, I swear it looks like the same International ANSWER people that harshed our mellow at the Gulf War I protest in Boston. They’ve all gotten a bit grayer, and the one dude painted over “Iraq” for “Libya,” but aside from that, nothing has changed.

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