Want A Cookie Little Girl?


Well, the Flying Monkeys of the Righteous Right have turned their laser-like focus on that insidious incubator of the RADICAL FEMINIST AGENDA!! and AGENT OF LESBIANISM!1!! the Girl Scouts of America.  The FMRR became aware, back in December, during the Merry Christmas season, that the GSA had tweeted out some suggestions for Girl Scouts to think about in advance of choosing their Woman of the Year for 2013. 

That list just happened to include State Sen. Wendy Davis, whom the FMRR have lovingly dubbed Abortion Barbie, and Quelle horreur!  Kathleen Sebelius, loyal Obamabot and Woman Who Refuses to Cry, Resign or Otherwise Submit to Congressional Committees.

The FMRR have mulled over their options and have decided that a fitting penance for such unladylike thoughts would be to hit the little beggars and their feminista handlers in the purse.  Thus it is that COOKIECOTT 2014 was born . . .


I don’t know about the rest of you Roasters but I’m not doing without my thin mints or samoas . . . think I’ll order a case of each.

Posted by Bette Noir on 01/31/14 at 08:28 AM • Permalink

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Hatin’ on little kids, especially the vagina-totin’ kind, well, what’s not to like if you’re a winger moron?

I used to buy a fuckton of Samoas off a co-worker’s daughter back in the day, but I’ve lost my “Samoan Connection”.

Most powerful cookie in the universe, the Samoa…

Being in a confessional mood, I have to admit that I find this picture incredibly sexy… that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about me.

Comment by Big Bad Bald Bastard on 01/31/14 at 10:53 AM

Being in a confessional mood, I have to admit that I find this picture incredibly sexy… that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about me.

@B4   same here.

The FMRR won’t be happy until Lindsey Graham gets the nomination.

@monkeyfister actually he’d probably be better than some of the mooks boarding the clown car . . . plus he could soften up that hyper-masculine Oval Office for once.

“... youth reproductive/abortion and sexual rights…”

Uh… what?

Hey B4, how many shitloads in a fuckton?

The Far-Right has had a bit of a jihad against the Girl Scouts for a few years now.  In part due to the Girl Scout’s whole thing about teaching girls to be independent and responsible.  In part due to daring to teach girls they can be anything they want.    And in part due to the Girl Scout’s utter refusal to be as religiously or sexually intolerant and bigoted as the Boy Scouts.

A batch even founded a break-away right-wing version called “American Heritage Girls”, which flat out states they’re a ministry.

(Note, I’m a very proud Girl Scout Dad.  :)

And all led inexorably to a nut job in CA pulling a gun on a Girl Scout who knocked on his door to sell cookies.  Fortunately it was in a state where the authorizes frown on that sort of thing (e.g., no ALEC-sponsored Stand Your Ground laws), so somebody’s going to jail for threatening a child with a gun, thanks to “cookiecot”, no reasoning skills, paranoia, and poor impulse control.

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