We are PUMAs,  hear us LaROARche: Lyndon LaRouche supporters pose as PUMAs in Berlin

Those silly, silly PUMAs have been roaring since Barack spoke in Berlin that there were PUMAs handing out anti-Obama leaflets at the event (“we are everywhere!”).  The one thing they’ve consistently avoided mentioning when touting their newfound world domination is that the source for this information was Helga Zepp-LaRouche, wife of perennial presidential candidate and chief conspiracy crackpot Lyndon LaRouche.  The story originated at the Lyndon LaRouche PAC web site:

Because what the misled teenagers on the Fan Mile along the way to the Victory Column apparently weren’t aware of, is that many early Obama supporters in the United States now feel that they have been tricked: Obama’s machine has replaced African-American regional party leaders with Establishment apparatchiks. Instead, a whole slew of new organizations have been springing up like mushrooms, demanding an open party convention, and the nomination of Hillary Clinton in an open roll-call vote.

In Berlin, supporters of one of these organizations, PUMA (Party Unity My Ass), were distributing leaflets calling for such an open party convention. Obama’s security team confiscated the leaflets, not only from the PUMA organizers themselves, but also from any spectator who passed through the security gate, leaflet in hand. So much for Obama’s oft-cited “change.”

Now here’s the kicker ... the folks distributing leaflets in Berlin weren’t disaffected Democrats turned PUMAs, they were Lyndon Larouche supporters posing as PUMAs:

No large political gathering is complete without some of Lyndon LaRouche’s followers. They were out in force distributing flyers with the headline “P.U.M.A.: Party Unity My Ass,” accusing Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean of subverting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Even though the article I referenced is from The American Spectator, it’s a pretty even-keeled account of what went down that day.  Regardless (it is the Spectator, after all), I decided to do a little more research and found my way to this article by Christian Science Monitor correspondent Jeffrey White at World Politics Review:

“We want an open convention, when the names of all major candidates are on the ballot,” said Florian [last name removed per request], 24, who passed out leaflets for a pro-Hillary Clinton group that wants to see the senator from New York’s name still put to Democratic National Convention delegates next month.

“We also think Obama is not able to cope with the problems that we face in this world. Hillary Clinton is,” he said.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Florian [last name removed per request], concerned Democrat:

First, we would like to thank Florian [last name removed per request] of the Berlin LaRouche Youth Movement. Without his assistance, we would not have been able to create the website you see here.

MORE: This isn’t the first time CockLaRouches have posed as PUMAs, apparently with full approval of selected-not-elected PUMA head “10 Million Dollar” Will Bower.

RELATED: Both the American Spectator article and this diary version of White’s article give a pretty clear indication of how the they-were-there-for-the-music-and-the-food meme being floated by wingnuts and PUMAs is utter hogwash. I got a chuckle outta this line:

Later a live band called Raymond [sic] took the stage. Simon Gierke, 27, a native of Hamburg, commented, “They are the worst band ever to come out of Germany.”

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“CockLaRouches”—LOL!—and 9/11 Truthers. Perhaps PUMA can form an alliance with the Flat Earth Society to inflate their numbers even further. The Hale-Bopp comet cultists would have fit right in, but alas, they’ve already completed their mass cult suicide…

Wow, just, wow.

“They are the worst band ever to come out of Germany.”

Ouch. That’s funny, because there’s a long list.

This is so wacky. I was at Obama’s speech and saw oodles of hard-working Democrats in Berlin registering expat voters. I missed the alleged PUMAs. But I know LaRouche has a visible following in Germany thanks to his charming wife.

Oh, and the bands really were mediocre. No one in my vicinity was psyched about them; several people were outright annoyed.

New webbsite about the mad cult-leader Lyndon LaRouche and his LaRouche Youth Movement:


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