We are taking sugar water shower

If I was held at gunpoint and asked to name one of my favorite music videos ever, Cibo Matto’s “Sugar Water” would be a probable selection.  In addition, if I was held at gunpoint and asked that question, I’d probably think to myself, “Jesus fuck, that’s a weird question to be asked at gunpoint.”

FYI, the video was directed by Michael Gondry and if you want to see how it was made, well, we’ve got that for you, too:

Posted by Kevin K. on 11/28/07 at 10:06 AM • Permalink
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Great-now I have headache. I do not have the optic stamina to make it through that video without hitting pause once or twice.

That totally gave me a headache.

Although I’m going to listen to “Viva La Woman” non stop for the next three or four days now.

“I know my chicken
You’ve got to know your chicken…”

You lads are tender little souls. Then again, I’m married to a woman who was so upset about the jittery camera work in the last Bourne film that she was spitting flames about it for weeks on end.

TRex, yeah, I unearthed Viva La Woman recently and enjoyed the hell out of it.  Have you heard any of the Smokey & Miho stuff? Really nice, Brazilian-flavored morning music.

BTW, I briefly met Miho from the Cibo this summer when she performed in Brooklyn and she was super sweet.

It did not give me a headache.  I thought it was very interesting and cool.  Unique!

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