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And a reminder of yet another reason to despise every US president—Democrat and Republican—since John F. Kennedy: the pointless blockade against Cuba.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 09/29/10 at 08:00 AM • Permalink

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My absolute favorite song on that album.  Love it.  And yeah, the blockade is so unbelievably cruel and stupid…

Another Buena Vista Social Club fan—yay!

Betty, you would certainly know better than I, but do you think the second-and-third-generation Cubans in Florida really care about keeping the blockade? This seems to me to be another issue that goes away as soon as the old conserva-Cubans die off and politicians don’t need to slobber their cigars for votes.

You’re absolutely right, Oblomova. I have a friend who’s a long-time reporter for the Miami Herald, and she’s covered quite a few exile community protests (cultural exchange events, stuff like that). Over the years, the participants have become older and fewer.

I have a theory that after the massive street party that ensues when Fidel Castro finally croaks (if indeed he ever does), a lot of old codgers will expire shortly thereafter simply because there’s nothing else to live for. (BTW, the City of Miami has long had a Fidel Castro Death Civil Emergency Plan, LOL!)

The Cuban-Americans I know who are my mom’s age and younger consider themselves 100% American and have no desire to go back to the Old Country except possibly as visitors.

That is so wonderful,and yes Betty, Tom Hilton, among other things, is a fan, he’s listed them numerous times at his blog. I’m glad to see you spending more time with the Roasters Tom, they are truly a unique lot. They just keep me around for beer runs and shit like that.

I too am glad to see Mr. Hilton here. He has been a beacon of sanity and sense at Balloon Juice.

Aw, shucks…

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