We’ll Always Have Marcus

The Moving Finger, Having Written

Where we’re going, you can’t follow. What we’ve got to do, you can’t be any part of. Michele, we’re no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that our love for manifestly insane, paranoiac God-bothering wingnuts and their deliciously fey, hysterically oblivious, Medicare-defrauding de-gaying spouses don’t amount to a mound of corn in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that.

Michele has cancelled her South Carolina appearances, and has an 11AM news conference, which C-Span is carrying.  Oh Marcus, how will I get through the rest of this election cycle without you?

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Oh, One-L-Michele, we hardly knew ye! The only question that remains is who will get the coveted Crazy Eyes Endorsement?

Oh crap. One L. Thanks, Betty! Be right back.

Okay, this is catty, but it appears Michele picked up Amy Winehouse’s former make-up artist.

“ObamaCare” kicked Ben Franklin in the junk! Who knew?

Betty, Pousse-Cafes on me!

All right, that’s just bizarre. I typed the pousse-cafe comment AFTER the Lady Gaga comment.

And Lady GaGa’s affinity for affixing unusual objects to her attire—in this case, Superballs.

Benjamin Franklin haz a sad over ObamaCare, also.

NO.  NO NO NO.  NO.  I’m not taking her baaaaack!  *barricades MN border*

Someone get the hook, for the love of god…

Evidently, the software is fighting as hard for the liberty to rearrange my comments as Michele is fighting to mean what she says and say what she means.

Michele’s no RINO, but she seems to be a Horton.

Is this the 700 Club or CSPAN?

Michele Bachmann is OUT. Marcus is still in.

23 Foster Children! Is it too early to drink? I think not!

Michele Bachmann is OUT. Marcus is still in.

The Internet will be available for home delivery or pickup, your choice. No need to bring two forms of ID.

I won’t believe any of these bozos are really out of the running - even Palin and Trump - until the next Presidential swearing-in, and maybe not even then. They’ve got the zombie grift down.

Ur mad Blingee skilz are still mad!

Sans Marcus, that’s the last thing a fly sees before Michele snaps it up with her chameleon tongue. Mister Marcus, he’d be looking for another corndog.

Gah! I was stuck in the Purgatory that is the Car Repair Shop where the gigantic screen of doom shows FOX “news” continually. So in spite of my best efforts to keep my eyes on my Bookworm game, I had to glance upon the scary image of Her Twirling Eyes. I had to laugh as she mangled the word “poignant”, turning it into poyg-nant. And then her old favorite, the No Government, No ObamaCare, No Abortion rant.

I could not wait to get out of there. I never watch that stuff, but after sitting there as a captive audience, I can understand how people get brainwashed. There is a constant drumbeat against Democrats and every headline is framed as anti-Obama rhetoric.

It gave me a migraine.

My wife who doesn’t follow politics as closely as I do, and who has pretty accurate gaydar saw a news report showing Bachmann withdrawing. She said “is that her husband next to her? He’s totally gay.”

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