THIS one wants guys like Prager to sod off…



In my previous column, I offered an answer to the question: What do men want? I made the case that what men most want from the woman they love is to be admired.

If my answer is correct, and if we presume that the natures of men and women are complementary (a presumption many men and women understandably doubt given how often men and women do not get along), what women most want must be related to that which men most want.

I believe it is. What a woman most wants is to be loved by a man she admires.

You know, what Prager says is undoubtedly true of some women. But he makes this sweeping generalization about literally billions of human beings. And he doesn’t add even a token qualifier to acknowledge that perhaps not every man or woman on the planet is as interchangeable within their cohort as a standard light bulb.

Contra Prager, I offer the following extensive—but by no means exhaustive! – list of things SOME women may want more than “to be loved by a man she admires:”

—World peace
—To be loved by a woman she admires
—A decent education for her kids
—An endless supply of fried chicken
—A house by the sea
—To write a great novel
—Some fava beans and a nice Chianti (sss-sss-sss-sss-sss!)
—World travel
—A horse farm
—An iPad
—A fulfilling career
—A meal for a starving child
—A cure for cancer

This could go on, but you get the point. Prager stuffs his turkey of a column with the usual wingnut giblets—man-hating feminists! PC police! Blah-blah-blah. That standard fare isn’t much interesting, but the arrogance and sweep of Prager’s pronouncement is somewhat remarkable—even dullards like Jonah Goldberg usually have the good sense to toss in the obligatory “most” or “generally.”

It’s also fascinating that Prager frames the contrast as “what men want most from the woman they love” and “what women want”—period.

Mr. Cracker has many admirable traits: One is that he has never started a sentence with, “What women most want is…” Not even once.

I don’t find Prager interesting enough to Google. But it would not surprise me a bit to learn that there have been several Mrs. Pragers…

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What DO dogs want from cats?

If we presume that the natures of cats and dogs are complementary (a presumption many cats and dogs understandably doubt given how often cats and dogs do not get along), what dogs most want must be related to that which cats most want.

I will offer this answer: what a dog most wants is to eat cat barf.

Just supposing one was interested in learning what “all women want,” why in the holy name of Vince Lombardi’s sainted mother would one ask Dennis Prager?

On his third wife, according to the Googley.  This is the asshole who also wrote that women should have sex whether in the mood or not just to keep their husbands happy, and who knows what they might get in return!  He also wrote that same-sex marriage will end civilization as we know it.  I certainly hope so.

Oh, and for Prager’s edification: 

On a sensual level:  Alan Rickman, great sex, chocolate, pizza (preferably all at the same time).

On a personal level:  To write a great novel and to be the left’s answer to Michelle Malkin.

On a global level:  World peace and the end to exploitation and starvation around the world.

No, no, no. He’s not talking about YOU women.  He’s talking about real women. You know women who are a cross between June Cleaver, Norma Jean and the Virgin Mary. He hasn’t met one of these women yet, but he knows they’re out there. And he knows what they want.

I’m fine with diamonds.  ;-)

I will offer this answer: what a dog most wants is to eat cat barf.



The three qualities that the fairer sex looks for*

* and finding me lacking in all three, dumps me

Eurgh. Prager makes me RAEG. I swear, this kind of thing is probably worse even than the whole Dov Charney-esque school of misogyny, because while it still dehumanises women, it does it in a way that claims to be adoring of them.

This is the asshole who also wrote that women should have sex whether in the mood or not just to keep their husbands happy, and who knows what they might get in return!

Was that the 2 or 3 part manifesto from a year or two ago?  Based on his extensive experience of having been dumped by members of the opposite sex because of his extreme understanding of how relationships work?

On the flip side, what absolutely NO woman could want is to give birth to a child with a freakishly oversized head like Dennis’.

However, the current Mrs. Prager will settle for a 5 mg Valium,  a 10 mg Xanax and a martini to wash them down with.

Dear Mr. Prager:

In re: your recent query—your head on a pike will do nicely.



Oblomova FTW!!!

Contra Prager

That’s as good a mission statement/life philosophy as one’s likely to find.

Interesting bit of trivia: “Prager” is Yiddish for “Williams Donahue and Bennett have been combined into one sanctimonious megaprick”

The answer to his first question is wrong, too, unless to you “admired” means wanting companionship, affection, understanding and a wee bit of great sex on the side.

I believe the best relationships are when each partner thinks they are getting the better deal.

what I most want is for a pair of gay aliens to pop out of that guy’s ass.

Cranky in LA

I have never, ever loved a woman that I didn’t admire.

I suspect I know the root cause of your problem, and the resulting philosophic quest fail, there, Dennis.  Any woman that you would admire can do a fuckton better than your dumb, lumpy ass.  Try masturbating.

What a woman wants is to be patronized with archaic terms like “fairer sex.”

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