What Am I Missing?

Semi-related to Bernard’s post on Petraeus below, I’m wondering if y’all can explain to me how this Obama conspiracy to blackmail Petraeus to give false testimony to Congress on Benghazi is supposed to work. The theory was put forth by Charles Krauthammer yesterday and eagerly taken up by the usual suspects today. Here are the underlying suppositions:

1. The Benghazi affair is more politically consequential than Watergate, Whitewater, Iran-Contra, Chappaquiddick, the Keating Five and the Teapot Dome scandals all rolled into one, and Romney totally would have won the election if it had been covered properly.

2. President Obama must’ve ignored warnings infinitely clearer than the 8/6/01 Presidential Daily Briefing entitled “Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US,” which was obviously not worth investigating after 3K civilians were killed on Bush the Lesser’s watch.

3. The only way Obama could cover his ass in the Benghazi affair was to orchestrate a scandal to compromise the country’s most prominent general, and he fiendishly used a wingnut FBI agent’s obsession with a seemingly flaky Tampa socialite to kick off an investigation that would lead down paths those two pawns could not foresee.

4. Obama further used Jedi mind-tricks to silence noted political opportunist Eric Cantor after Cantor was briefed on the scandal before the election, thanks to the aforementioned wingnut FBI agent.

5. Petraeus is either, A) such a dummy that he was willing to lie to Congress on 9/13 to buy a short reprieve from the announcement of the scandal, which he knows will then engulf him and destroy his career, or B) such a dupe that he will keep lying about Benghazi even after Obama has betrayed him and destroyed his career.

I don’t believe wingnut conspiracy theories since I’m not deranged, but I can usually at least follow their logic down whichever rabbit holes it leads. Not this time. Am I missing something? In what universe does any of this shit make sense? I don’t get it.

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Courtesy of NPR this morning, I heard John McCain going,...er…all in...on Benghazigate. McCain claimed, on the record, that Susan Rice made misleading statements about the attack and blamed the attack on the stupid fake YouTube movie, that the President had offered conflicting stories about the attack, and McCain even invoked “what-he-knew-and-when-he-knew-it” language in leveling his charges.

He even overtly compared the pseudo-scandal with Watergate and Iran-Contra (funny, didn’t mention Keating) while calling for a Senate investigation.

I guess we have our answer on whether Senate Republicans are going to continue their pattern of obstruction for another four years.

The Benghazi attack was unexpected & chaotic, and the CIA, Dept of State, and the military had no idea what the hell had happened when it went down, so lots of speculation and incorrect assessments got tossed in the air in the resulting confusion immediately after the event. With that, Faux knew there was potential for something useful, and guess what, they’ve MADE it into something useful and a bitter old hack like McCain is now getting some bong hits of revenge having lost to that Obama fellow 4 years ago.  Wow, nothing obvious there (other than McCain is an embarassment to the idea of elected office and is an egotistical old coot).

I’m still amazed that Obama somehow managed to stick Petraeus’ little soldier in Broadwell’s ladyparts.

I’d say McCain can kiss my furry ass, but the way things are going with all these bunga-bunga revelations, I’m now worried that he in fact has.

D’ja see the POTUS smack McCain and Graham down in his press conference? He sounded tired of those clowns!

I’m still amazed that Obama somehow managed to stick Petraeus’ little soldier in Broadwell’s ladyparts.

It just goes to show you how crazy the GOP has gotten- used to be, they’d impeach a president for what he did with his own penis, now they’re going to impeach a president for what another guy did with his penis.

I’m mystified how this is all supposed to pan out well for the Repubs as well.

All the evidence I’ve seen so far indicates that:

1. The Benghazi attackers did use the excuse of that wingnut video to swarm.

2. They’d have done so anyway given a different window of opportunity, so nothing the administration has said lacks plausibility on the face of it.

3. When it comes to the doings of the CIA and conflict operations in general, it’s unrealistic to expect any administration to give out all the facts in real time, even if they’ve been able to establish them, which is highly doubtful.

4. Obama wasn’t actually gleefully guzzling halal popcorn and chortling bwahahahaha for eight hours or so as some video feed that didn’t actually exist ran while folks were being killed.

5. If anybody’s involved in a cover-up in all this at the moment, Cantor’s your first port of call (check out Rove while you’re at it), and nobody bothered to tell Obama about the Petraeus kerfuffle because they were legally forbidden to do so.

6. If you’re hell-bent on casting aspersions, it’s quite possible the head of the CIA was somewhat preoccupied by his love life, and as a result conceivably neglectful of security at a secret CIA installation abroad, and would seem a more plausible priority target of opportunity to investigate than anybody else in the administration and security services.

7. My God, there’s a whole layer of would-be one-percenter wingnut grifters groupying along with the CIA and Pentagon that harkens back to medieval ways of doing things. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it seems kinda blatant when you shine a light on it.

I think Fox & Co. should be encouraged to dig away. With every scandal of this sort, downfall lurks mainly in the cover-up.

Benghazi is their new Obama-faked-his-birth-certificate.

Indeed Betty; Obama threw down the gauntlet in that press conference.  I guess we’ll see if Grampa McInsane has the balls to pick it up.

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