What Bamz Said

It’s going to take a little bit to digest everything that PRESIDENT (to Rethugs, you know who you are) Obama touched on in his amazing second inaugural address.  Here is video if you didn’t hear it:

Here’s a transcript if you want to dig in more deeply.

The biggest takeaways that I got were a, frankly, thrilling endorsement of a progressive agenda including embracing of entitlements that we have all paid for (we are NOT a nation of takers - FU Granny Starver Ryan), action on climate change, gun control/safety (whatever you want to call it), rebuilding of our infrastructure, smackdown on the Rethugs attempts at voter suppression, embracing of immigrants, civil rights for teh gays and much, much more.

What did you guys think?  Am I naive, optimistic or is B. Hussein Obamz finally going to kick some ass for progressive causes?  After all, he has nothing to lose now - why not go for it?!

And it’s just a little amuse-bouche that RMoney was so butthurt over losing that he did a big no-show.

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I loved his “from Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall” line- I sure hope he means the gloves are off.

I was very impressed with his speech and felt he covered a lot of ground. It was not a barn-burner, campaign- style speech; it was not meant to be one. Instead, he reviewed what the Administration has been able to do and laid out what they want to accomplish next term. And the list seems possible, given the strength the party has gained. I love the tone of the speech and the recognition of attacking climate control and equal rights for all of the population.

Let Obama be Obama, roll over the weak-minded Republicans, drown the Teabaggers, and let’s get on with it!

Seemed like a big http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK4fJhbRL1g to his naysayers, good on ya Bazza.

Loved all the slap downs he gave.

Comment by Rebecca on 01/22/13 at 06:16 PM



C’mon what mr. whipple?  Setting yourself up for all the great Obama betrayals yet to come?  Otherwise what was that comment meant to say?  Can we just enjoy the fact that he’s finally in a position to push his agenda and the rethugs don’t have a whole lot to stop him with?  Not to mention, of course, that he hardly got anything done his first term.  Oh, except the ACA, the Lily Ledbetter Act, repeal of DADT, declaration of DOMA as unconstitutional, and etc. etc.  In fact he might be the most productive prez in his first term evah.  But, heavens, let’s not destroy the meme with facts.

Now, now, Mar, you know that a pres. Rmoney would have been a much bigger step towards progressive paradise(tm), what with all the ‘rising up and casting off your oppressors’ that was bound to finally happen once the contradictions finally got enhanced enough!

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