What Breitbart and the revolting RW blogosphere would rather you didn’t hear about

I’ll move on from the ludicrous contortions of the Underpants Gnomes smear I touched on yesterday, to check out one reason why Anthony Weiner may have been the target of a desperate attempt by a bunch of idle gossiping vindictive shitheads to send up a smokescreen over the weekend (and coincidentally target a number of young women as objects of their revolting fantasy life just because they followed Weiner on Twitter). From Stephanie Mencimer at Mother Jones:

Following an old Washington tradition of dumping required but embarrassing information on a Friday night before a major holiday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas finally released the details of his wife’s income from her year or so working for the tea party group Liberty Central, which fought President Obama’s health care reform law. His new financial disclosure form indicates that his wife, Virginia Thomas, received $150,000 in salary from the group and less than $15,000 in payments from an anti-health care lobbying firm she started.

The disclosure was apparently prompted in part by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), who had been needling Thomas (including on Twitter) for months to disclose how much money his wife earned from Liberty Central. That’s because challenges to Obama’s health care reform bill are likely to end up before the Supreme Court sooner rather than later, and if Thomas and his wife benefited from her income working against the bill, the justice has an enormous conflict of interest in hearing any legal challenge. Thomas had failed to disclose Virginia’s income on his financial disclosure forms for 20 years, and under pressure from Weiner and others, he had recently amended old ones to reflect hundreds of thousands of dollars she had earned working for the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank, which also opposed Obama’s health care plan.

But Thomas had not disclosed how much money his wife made from her controversial venture into Liberty Central.
Justice Thomas finally released the details of her compensation Friday night, but the disclosure, and Weiner’s triumphant press release announcing the move, were largely overshadowed by Weinergate.

Neat trick, huh?

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Andrew Breitbart’s most recent “book” was dedicated to… wait for it… Clarence Thomas.

Andrew Breitbart’s most recent “book” was dedicated to… wait for it… Clarence Thomas.


So Clarence Thomas and his wife are running a Pigford Scam of their own? And Andrew Breitbart is facilitating the cover-up?

“What deuce?” as Prehistoric Stewie would say.

And Andrew Breitbart is facilitating the cover-up?

Well, Lee Stranahan, an acknowledged paid Breitbart lackey, is certainly one of the main movers and groovers in trying to keep the Weinergate story going.

Breitbart is a pox on humanity.  Stranahan is a pox on the pimple on the ass of humanity.  This whole thing just reeks.

The shame of it is, asiangrrlMN, that in so many places I’ve visited today—Twitter streams, blogs—everybody’s fixated on “Weiner did/didn’t do this” “Weiner should do/have done this” “Haha penis!!1!”, amateur forensics, and letting Stranahan and Breitbart dictate the narrative, abetted by some pretty vociferous trolls in some cases (I’m thinking “Bender” on Balloon Juice).

If there weren’t enough other suspicious aspects to the whole shebang, the timing of the supposed Tweeted pic link and it’s “discovery” by a miraculously lone person who’d been stalking both Weiner and the young woman it was allegedly sent to—at precisely the time Thomas finally revealed the long-awaited disclosure—that alone would be something that would make me go “Hmm.”

It’s a short-term tactic of desperation, of course. The Thomas conflict of interest won’t go away, and calls for his recusal from any HCR cases that come before the Supremes won’t depend on Weiner alone.

No kidding, YAFB.  I saw the thread over at BJ, and while I believe Bender is just a spoof troll (there’s also an EvilBender who is the opposite of Bender), he’s making the same arguments as rightwingnutters everywhere. 

It’s the same stupid dance time and time again, as you said, focusing on what Weiner should have/shouldn’t have done (and totally upending that young woman’s life in the meantime) while Breitbart, Stranahan, and their ilk get to traipse around merrily, wreaking havoc all over the damn place. 

It’s sickening.  I hope Weiner’s attorney nails Breitbart good with this—or at least the perpetrator of the hoax.

WTF?  CNN has Breitbart on to explain the Weiner Hoax.  I repeat, WTF???

OK, this is quite small and petty in light of the seriousness of this situation but

this review is posted for Mr. Breitbart’s latest work on Amazon dot com. It needs some love, if you’ve got some to spare:


The comments are fun too.

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